Depot 369-Surabaya

I believe most of Surabayans (I don’t know if it’s written right..hehe) know this place. This is one of the legendary eatery in Surabaya. 369 (pronouced Sam-Liu-Qiu in Chinese)

The signature of this Restaurant is the famous Fortune Dumplings

The fortune dumpling, served in a medium plate, consists of Kuo Tie, Fried Bak Pao, Xiao Long Bao and errrr I forgot 1 more. :))
I love the Xiao Long Bao the most.. You should eat it using the duck spoon and don’t let the broth spilled out. Eat the dumpling together with minced ginger dipped in soy sauce.
Price : 28k

Veggie Noodles with Sam Can

Home-made vegetable noodle with sweet and delight sliced pork meat and also a cup of chicken broth. But for me the taste is too plain. 🙂
Price : around 35k

The atmosphere and service also can be categorized as a good one. So if you are a fan of Chinese foods, you should come here. They have a delicious Shanghai Soup (Steamed Chicken cooked with ginger, chives and smoked ham—>really tasty!!! I’m dying want to eat this..), Fried Pork Ribs with rice and selections of homemade healthy noodles.

Addres :
Depot 369
Jl. Pemuda 33-3 (Surabaya Plasa Lt.c1)
Telp. 531508


3 Comments on “Depot 369-Surabaya”

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  2. the sam can or pork belly is too expensive for me,
    it cost about 30-45 minutes in treadmile

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