New Hongkong I Chinese Restaurant-Malang

I went there by the end of December 2011 when my parents celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary. We were on our holiday in Malang-East Java. New Hongkong is one of the classic Chinese Restaurant in Malang which has turned into more modern one. The modernization obviously seen by the atmosphere and the food presentation there. I think the atmosphere is quite nice, clean and comfy. Here they are the foods we ordered that time :

All the menu ordered : Fried Soft Shell Crab with Salty Egg, Baby Kaylan, I Fu Mie, Cold Dishes (Leng Pan). Fried Pigeon with Ngohyang

I can say the foods here are quite pricey even the taste pretty good. But by the comparation of the quite small portion and and the price,,, Hmmm it can be categorized such as a high price. :p

Addres :
Jl. Arief Rachman Hakim 7-9
Malang Kota/Klojen


3 Comments on “New Hongkong I Chinese Restaurant-Malang”

  1. Kindeng says:

    Did you also try other food/restaurant in Malang? How long have you been in Malang?

  2. […] enjoyed the city so much. In Malang, we celebrated my parents’ 28th wedding anniversary at New Hongkong Restaurant. Another highlight in Malang was going to the Jatim Park-Batu. Batu is an area located outer Malang […]

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