Seafood at Lovina Beach

I went there when I was on my holiday to Bali last January. This is a anonymous seaside Restaurant, with a traditional atmosphere. Furnished with simple cut wooden chair and table, also available some “saung” for “lesehan”.

Sadly there is only 1 photo of the food, since I didn’t prepare properly for making this post.
In the photo, there are grilled fish (such a giant fish that I don’t know the name but it has a small horn, hahaha), sour-spicy fish soup, pelecing kangkung (Balinese style cooking, mixture of nuts, chili, tomatoes and spices on boiled beansprout and kangkung; kangkung is a local Indonesian variety of vegetable). And last but not least, the spicy chili sauce called “Sambal Matah” which is Bali famous chili sauce, made of sliced red onion, garlic, bunga kecombrang, chili and oil.

All of the foods are so tasty! I want to go back there!!! And the price is also pretty low, I spent only around 120k for all of those+rice and drinks for 6 persons. What a valuable spent! Love it…!!!


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