Nasi Krengsengan+Sate Komo “Bu Kris”

This is one of unique East Java food specialty, nasi krengsengan and sate komo.
I ate them at Batu-Malang-East Java at Bu Kris Restaurant. Bu Kris is one of the famous East Java Restaurant in Malang. The one that I visited is in Batu (smaller region near Malang), the restaurant is quite small, traditional like, there was medium size display window filled by trays of foods. There are a lot of dishes, but I didn’t take the photos of them.My bad 😦 Customers can choose the various kind of foods they want and the foods chosen will be reheated. We can eat the foods along with “sambal penyet”; which is kind of Javanese style chili sauce.

When I was there, I chose krengsengan and sate komo to be eaten with hot rice. Krengsengan is kind of Indonesian curry (gulai), rich with various condiments and thick sauce, consists of cow’s innards, like liver, intestine, so on. Hahaha. So Indonesian.. It tastes dominantly sweet and a bit salty.

Sate komo is beef satay but in quite big size, that’s why it called Komo. As mostly Javanese foods, the satay also tastes sweet with a thick tender meat. Even I’m not a fan of sweetness, I could enjoy those dishes. And Bu Kris is recommended for you guys if you want to taste the real East Java foods specialty.

gulai krengsengan and sate komo


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