This might be one of my favorite place to hang out. The interior is dominated by white-red and they have a lot of cute character toys as the decoration. In Bandung, there are 2 branch of Brusselspring, but still I visit the 1st one, at Sumatra st. That’s because I do love the 2nd floor atmosphere, that I can see the tree through the glass door. Always in love with this kind of view.

This place is famous for their Waffle, ice cream and chocolate. Even I’m not a fan of sweetness, but I admit that the foods here are fine. And besides their specialty, the salty and savory menus are also good, like their pasta. The one that I really love is Ravioli with Blue Cheese. Have to try it, so yummy.

I prefer liege instead of waffle and pancake. Liege pretty similar with waffle but more packed. Last time I went there, I ordered Blueberry Cheese Liege. I love the liege and it blends nicely with the vanilla ice cream, blueberry and cheese sauce. This is worth to try!

I’m a fan of tea, and almost of my coming here, I always order this Blossom Tea. This one is the Blossom Tea and I love to see it blooms after sunken in hot water through the glass teapot. The tea served in a glass teapot of hot water then the waiter will put in the tea and you can watch it blooms. 🙂 You can ask for more cups to share it.

They also offer some starters, like soup of the day (usually chicken soup) but it doesn’t taste good. The soup is quite bland and the texture too thick like a porridge. The bitter ballen served nicely in a fit plate and taste just ok.

They also have Rose Flower Tea which is similar with blossom tea, but served in different kind of glass teapot. This one is also good and smells so sweet. (17.5k)

Jalan Sumatera no. 30


3 Comments on “Brusselspring”

  1. […] use to drink rose tea at Brusselspring Cafe, Bandung (You can see my post about it. Just klik this The rose tea served in a glass tea pot and tea cup, so you can see clearly the pretty pink […]

  2. mada says:

    teh nya 17rb ya?klo waffle to menu2 laen brpaan?km manis bgt,hehe ^_^

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