I’m on a trip in Perth, Western Australia and this is my 5th day here. I did, eat a lotttttt of yummy foods. I’ll write them here gradually. One of the best food experience was yesterday big supper. At first, me, my cousin and his wife were going to do a so Australian activity, which is crabbing or catching crabs. Unfortunately we got nothing because this is end of the season for the crabs. So we decided to have something good for dinner after standing in the dark under the Canning Bridge for around one hour 🙂 But it was really fun though.

After my cousin told his wife that I love mussels, she suggested us going to Conca’s who has specialty in chili mussels. Wow that sounds so good since I love spicy food as well. So we headed to Conca’s and luckily it was quiet there. I don’t really like spending time in a packed place 😀

We ordered 1 large chili mussels and 1 large garlic mussels with sauce. The mussels accompanied with spaghetti or garlic bread (choose) and a glass of wine. So we chose both spaghetti and garlic bread, also glasses of white wine. We also can request the spiciness level and we asked mild to medium level of spiciness. The mussels was really in a big portion, the chili sauce tastes medium hot, dominated by tomato’s sourness and light sweetness. The difference between chili and garlic one, only about the minced garlic spread over the mussels 🙂 Yeah, but the sauce was nearly the same I think. We were really enjoy eating those 2 mussels buckets! The garlic bread was over baked, that the bread’s crust a bit burnt and they were quite hard to bite. But the spaghetti bolognaise tastes good, the sauce cooked nicely and the proportion of the sour-salty and sweet tastes was good.

They also sell sort of Italian foods like fettucini, spaghetti, penne, lasagna, lamb, etc.

Small portion : AU$ 31
Large portion : AU$ 37
Accompanied with spaghetti/garlic bread and red/white wine.

08 9470 2255
Victoria Park
27 Miller St, Victoria Park Map.442320a
Victoria Park, WA 6100

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