Dosukoi Ramen-Fremantle Weekend Market, Fremantle-WA

I’m a big fan of Japanese foods and ramen is one of the “I can’t resist” food category. Hihi 🙂
My brother took me to Fremantle Market (note : They open only for week end, Friday to Sunday) to prove what people say about the famous ramen house there. Some people I met in Perth said the ramen is really tasty, and I agreed without any hesitation when he asked me to have breakfast there :p

Dosukoi is located inside Fremantle Market, the place is quite small, hmm yeah small but packed by queue. The menu hung in the front and inside the kiosk. There are only 9 kinds of ramen and 2 side dish menus, tako ball and Japanese Fried Chicken.

We ordered Soft Pork Ramen for me and Fried Chicken Ramen for my brother, also 1 portion of Tako Ball. We have to order and pay first at the till before sitting. We will be given a numbered coupon as our order sequence. And to be seated, we have to wait until there is any available table. Fiuhhh..

On my opinion, the ramen is soooo tasty, the noodles used, is quite thick but really chewy. The soup tastes really good, you’d taste the miso, the broth and the spices mixed really well. The ramen is not served spicy, but you can add togarashi (Japanese chili powder) depends on your personal preference. (Note: the togarashi tastes hotter than any that I ever tasted! I just put a little bit but it was sooo spicy)

The noodles and the soup are the same, the differentiation of the menus are toppings. Mine, which is soft sliced pork, tastes good, well cooked, nicely cut and yes, so soft and tender. The fried chicken topping, similar with chicken karaage and also delicious.

Our tako ball is just sooo nice, consist of 9 balls, loaded with minced octopus hmmm. Sure I do really want to go back there!!!

Ramen AU$ 9.00
Tako ball AU$ 6.00
Since they serve quite a big portion, I bet you’ll be satisfied eating here, in addition I think this is a worth spent.


04 1285 5663
Cnr Henderson St And South Tce Map.6a572c0
Fremantle, WA 6160

Dosukoi - Japanese Noodle and Bubble Tea on Urbanspoon


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