Hao Phong-Vietnamnese Broken Rice-Footscray, Melbourne-Vic

Footscray is well-known as a Vietnam teritory in Melbourne and there are a lot of Viet Restaurants for sure. Hao Phong is one of the famous Viet Restaurant there. I went there with my cousin and his wife, we straightly ordered 3 portion of Vietnamnese Broken Rice (Com Tam). The service was pretty fast even it was so crowded when I was there. Nice!

After the dish come, the three of us busy eating, not talking and we ate so fast.. Hahaha. Because this one is really tasty and it seemed like I couldn’t stop eating it. So fun!!!

Vietnamnese broken rice, is cooked rice from fractured rice grains. Tấm refers to the broken rice grains, while cơm refers to cooked rice (source from WIKIPEDIA.com). Broken rice originally was some rice grains break in the transport and processing of the rice from the field to the pot. The broken varieties are often less expensive, so are preferred by poorer consumers or used as raw material (such as in beer brewing) or for certain dishes like Com Tam.

According to my cousin, Hao Phong is the best one for this dish. And yeah it does taste really good.. The cooked rice served with grilled pork ribs (crunchy outside but tender inside!), Vietnamnese dish called bi (shredded pork which usually cooked with pork skin, but in Hao Phong it also cooked with hmm kind of vermicelli?), pickled vegetables (shredded carrot and sliced cucumber), a perfect half cooked fried egg (always love this one), hmm kind of squarely cut fish cake (layered by kind of pork skin? on top and bottom of it) and last is chopped chives. All the toppings placed above the rice and also served with a bowl of broth.

I was really enjoying my experience here. I can say this is a really generous and appetizing dish. For the price, all of their menus are below AU$ 15. So, it worth the price.

Hao Phong on Urbanspoon


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