Little Caesar Leederville-Perth, WA

Little Caesar is one of the famous Pizza Restaurant in Perth, I went there about 2 months ago for dinner. They have the best pizza in International Pizza Contest.

I was so dead eating pizza here, all of the pizzas, both the savory and the the sweet one are so tasty. Six persons for six pans pizza of 8 slices. A superb dinner, huh? The greek lamb, cashew chicken, black forrest, vegetarian pizza, oyster pizza and apple crumble look alike pizza.

One of the most favourite is The Greek Lamb and Cashew Chicken for the savory one. The Greek Lamb’s toppings are of course sliced lamb, olive, fetta cheese, mozzarella, onion, cream sauce and I forgot T.T.. Cashew chicken’s toppings are mushroom, onion, cashew, chicken chunk, mozzarella and cream sauce.

Price : Medium AU$ 15, Large A$ 20

Greek Lamb Pizza

Cashew Chicken

And for the sweet dessert pizza, there are Black Forest Pizza.. The toppings are black cherry, dark chocolate, icing sugar, vanilla ice cream and cherry syrup. My brother said, “you will melt after tasting it…” Hahaha. And yes, even it is way too sweet for me, but yummy! Hmm so chocolate, so smooth, so sweet and there is a bit sourness from the black cherry fruits syrup. When you bite the pizza, you will feel hot and cold sensation in your mouth, as a result from the hot pizza+dark chocolate and the vanilla ice cream.

For dessert pizzas, only available in medium size and the prices are around AU$ 15-15.5

Noted : If you are not a sweet tooth, I bet one slice will be enough.. Hihi.


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