My Tea Life

I wrote that I’m also into tea but never write a word about it. Sigh. Okay, so this is my first post about the royal drink I love. Hahaha. I haven’t tried many of tea varieties actually. But I’m intending to.

I couldn’t remember when was the first time I become a fan of this beverage. I only remember that in 2008, I began to order and drink tea almost wherever I am. But I don’t like bottled tea drinks, they are way too sweet and I believe they put everything too much in the making process. Even it is claimed as a healthy drinks, hmmm I choose not to consume preservatives tea, loaded with sugar and essence.

My everyday tea, is a Chinese tea named Jiaogulan Tea. This is a health drink, traditional medicine extracted from the plant called Jiaogulan. My parents use to drink this since couple years ago. I started to join them after a blood test in the early 2010, it is said that my cholesterol level is a bit high for my age. One of the merit of this tea is lower blood cholesterol level, it has been proven by my family (not only my parents drink this regularly). So I drink a cup of Jiaogulan almost every night before sleeping. It tastes bloody bitter (at first) Hahaha. But it leaves a slight sweetness in the end. I drink this definitely for my health issue.

I will tell you more some of my favorite ones!

1. Rose Tea
Rose tea is a tisane. Okay, tisane is not a “true tea”, means it didn’t come from tea leaf like the most known green tea, red tea and else. Tisane comes from any kinds of plant or fruit and been dried to become tea. Tisanes are usually categorized by what part of the plant they come from.
Leaf tisanes: lemon balm, mint, lemongrass and French verbena
Flower tisanes: rose, chamomile, hibiscus and lavender
Bark tisanes: cinnamon, slippery elm and black cherry bark
Root tisanes: ginger, echinacea and chicory
Fruit/berry tisane: raspberry, blueberry, peach and apple
Seed/spice tisanes: cardamom, caraway and fennel
(source from

I use to drink rose tea at Brusselspring Cafe, Bandung. The rose tea served in a glass tea pot and tea cup, so you can see clearly the pretty pink rosebud inside. It smells so rosy and kinda sweet, very slightly sweet.
IDR 17.500 or
US$ 1,9

2. Dilmah Peach Tea
I always love peach! Peach tastes really refreshing, not too sweet and there is a slight sourness. And in my opinion, so far the best peach tea comes from Dilmah. I tried other brands but still love this one. I use to buy a box, includes 25 tea bags, costs about IDR 50.000-60.000. I forgot -.-“

3. T2-Green Rose
When I was in Melbourne, coming to T2 store was one of my pleasure. A pretty store full of choices of tea and tea related equipments like tea cans, tea infusers, jugs, mugs, saucers, tea pots, tea cup, tea glasses and many more. I love how they organize the teas with high dark brown cabinets come near to the ceiling. We can taste the selection tea they provide and also consult and get some tips or recommendations with the kind stewards/ess there. I was terribly confuse choosing stuffs I want to buy, busy opening the tester cans, smelling it, closing the cans, walking around and doing the same things all over again. But luckily I bought the nice ones.. πŸ™‚ There are so many types of tea, I think they are just so totally creative creating the various types.

Green rose is a mixture of vibrant green tea blended with rose petals and tropical fruits (currants, mango pieces, papaya pieces) and cornflowers. Brew the tea with 80 degrees water, enjoy it hot or add some ice to have a different delightful tea-time. After brewing it, the color will turn light yellow and smell so good, sweet, scented and relaxing. So far this one is my super favorite! This one costs AU$ 12.75. For a box of 100gr of tea, the price varies from AU$ 11 but for the special types like white rose tea or silver needles, it costs AU$ 22.75 a box (expensive T.T).

I visited some of tea store during my visit in Oz, but I put T2 in the first rank. Hehe. I want to visit other tea stores like TWG or even Toraya Cafe, from what I see in their web, they have a pretty outlets too but in Jakarta they only have the small one.


When I was in Brisbane, I came to The Tea Centre, they specified themselves as “a specialist in tea of fine quality”. The tea varieties not as much as I found in T2 but there are a lot of fascinating tea cans. And finally I bought a Breakfast at Tiffany’s can. The can is way too small actually, it quite pricey but I love Breakfast at Tiffany’s and I adore Audrey Hepburn, so what about putting something you obsessed with in a thing you love? Ohya I almost bought a Breakfast at Tiffany’s collage in Movie World but my luggage will definitely over weight, so no. The collage was just so fine, or fine doesn’t enough for Hepburn? πŸ™‚


6 Comments on “My Tea Life”

  1. So maybe you can bring more analysis about special white, green, yellow tea specialities.

  2. OZA says:

    Dear You,

    It’s nice to see someone in Indonesia appreciate tea like you do. We currently planning our “crazy scheme” to build the first tea house in Indonesia, Bandung to be exact, by this year. Bet tea lovers couldn’t resist the temptation of our vast tea collection (we currently having just 11 tea variants but it’ll expand).

    We’d like to know what kind of tea house you gonna like, the atmosphere, the food, etc. Please e-mail us, it’ll be a lot of help to concept our House of Tea.

    You may find us in Have a peek πŸ™‚

  3. Woww it’s so exciting… Thanks for this information.. I will take a peek to your web asap.. πŸ™‚

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