T2 Toasty Nougat Tea Review

This review is about the mouth-watering Toasty Nougat tea from T2. It was when I had my “me-killing-time” in Melbourne Central. I spent much of my time being there, just walking around, smelling the cans, having a short convos with the shopkeepers and also tasting all of the available tea samples that day. I always do that. You see, how can we make a right decision before tasting the products directly? Hahaha. Such an excuse.. 🙂

This picture is from the official Website of T2

Luckily they served some tasty samples that day, one of them was this Toasty Nougat. It smells kinda like a slice of cake, super sweet scented! Actually I also drank Creme Brulee tea and yes they both smelled so good but I prefer this Toasty one. I could feel my heart giggling when drinking it, just like finding a really good stuff. This toasty nougat contains : apple, nougat bits (sugar, glycose syrup, almonds, honey, egg white, natural vanilla) and other flavour. So it is a mixture of a creamy golden liquor with notes of almonds, caramel and a burst of sweet apple. You will be tempted to eat those almond and apple chunks. I think all of the ingredients blend and taste really good together. This tea is perfectly brewed with 100 degrees Celcius water, better served cold (in my opinion). I just never imagine there will be a tea like this. And to make it more pleasant, this Toasty Nougat is caffeine free. Highly recommended to those that adventurous and sweet lovers!

The price is  AU$ 13.00 for 100 gr


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