The Homemade Ones

Yes, I love foods and eating them.. But definitely I can’t cook well. 🙂  But my mom is a good cook. She can cook everything well. I should learn more I guess.

Here, I will post some of my cooks (I know they don’t  that good). Don’t frown your face please.. :p

The 1st one is Salmon Teriyaki. I make this to practice what I learned from Koko Erwin when I was in Melb, buttttt I failed! The mission is how to make a cruchy skin and well cooked salmon flesh. I did all the steps just like he did (look my Salmon Teriyaki in Melb), Yes at first everything ran out well, successfully made the skin crisp. But when I was trying ripen the flesh without ruining the crisp (I found it hard), it really ruined, getting wet by the teriyaki sauce. Worse, two of the salmon slices also had their skin off. Hahahaha. I think the salmon cut too thick and harden the ripen process. For the final look, I put them upon raw fresh spinach and garnished them with minced nori and sesame seeds. Actually, it tasted quite good, failed in the making process and also the mission. :p


The 2nd one is my specialty of gratin or baked potato. Never been failed making this one. Nah the last time I made it with 2 types of sauce. As usual, I made cream cheese sauce (I had a fun experiment by using some kinds of cheese I bought in the Lancester Winery before). I put both garlic and chili cheese. They taste real good (that’s why I chose them and my very kind brother bought them for me :p). I used to make this with bacon and mushroom and sliced mozzarella. This time NO (I don’t have those ingredients actually :p) . Besides the creamy cheese sauce, I also made a creamy tomato sauce and mixed it with grounded beef and onion. Because of the limited ingredient for stuffing, I used sliced boiled eggs and arranged them together with the wedges cut boiled potatoes. For the 1.5 layer, I poured the cheese sauce and beated eggs (to make them stick) and after the final layer, I poured the creamy tomato sauce and covered it with sliced mozzarella cheese together with mixed grated cheese. This is such a fat dish! After this, just bake the dish around 35-40 minute using the upper-lower heat.


I made a loaf, a SPAM loaf the day after making the baked potato last week. Baked potato never lasts that long at my home. Make use of the sliced loaf bread left and a canned luncheon meat (we really love Spam than other brand). The making process mostly the same as making gratin. Just be creative with the ingredients you got. I just change the potato by sliced loaf bread, the stuffing by sliced spam and poured it only with cream cheese sauce mixed with beated eggs. Yaya that way.. 🙂 Also, such a fatty dish..


To be continued…. 🙂


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