The Best Fried Duck-my opinion

I do really love Indonesian food, since I’m an Indonesian and because they do taste really delicious. Indonesian usually use many kind of spices and herbs to cook and it makes the foods even tastier. Okay and in this cloudy afternoon, I’m going to make a post about Indonesian style duck cooking. From what I remember, duck is already famous in Central Java like in Solo and Klaten or in Bali (nasi Bali, bebek betutu and else). But these recent years, duck has become one of everyone’s favorite too in my town, Bandung. A lot of duck restaurants popped, the ones with unique specialty survive and the rest just come and go. Most of them create and offer unique varieties of sambal (chili paste) and also spiciness levels as an attraction.

My family is such a fan of duck. We do love doing duck hunting, of course not literally hunt a duck hehehe.  I mean we use to try any restaurants that serve duck in their menus.

So far, our most favorite is Bebek Goreng (fried duck) at Mie Jogja Pak Karso & Ayam Penyet. My favorite menu is Paket Bebek (Duck Package), which contains rice, 1 piece fried duck thigh/breast-optional, fried tofu, fried tempe (Indonesian traditional food made by fermented soy bean) and raw cabbage. Besides those, they also serve the package with very hot and spicy sambal. The sambal tastes really great, super spicy, maybe the spiciest among all that I usually eat. The sambal is made by minced red chili, sliced red onion, salt and oil. Because of its super spiciness, it is very possible that you are tearing while eating (like me). :p But in the same time, you just can’t stop eating because the taste is so damn good. This is really worth to try, an exciting eating experience especially for duck and spicy lovers. They always serve a good quality duck and they really know how to cook it well. The duck skin is dry fried and the flesh tastes tender, salty and savory. Damn good. The fried tofu and tempe are also tastier, they seasoned them with flavored flour before frying them. Very crunchy and savory.

Besides all of their goodness, the price is very friendly. The duck package costs IDR 26.000 OR US$ 2.75

As their Restaurant name, Mie Jogja Pak Karso & Ayam Penyet (Mr. Karso Jogjanese Noodle & Chicken) they offer some Javanese noodle menus. My fave one is Mie Godhog, which is Noodle soup with chicken broth, sliced chicken, vegetables and egg. The noodle used is quite big, similar with Japanese noodle, udon. You can ask for the spiciness level to their waiter/ess.This one costs around IDR 21.000 (I forgot the exact price) or US$ 2.3

Mie Jogja Pak Karso & Ayam Penyet

Jalan ABC no. 103 (Banceuy)




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