Tasseo Irresistible Peach Tea

Late night..

Drinking Tasseo irresistible peach is a really good choice before going to bed and also a good companion to read couple of book pages before falling asleep. Hehe.

Tasseo is a tea brand who offers a unique way of tea packaging, which is pyramid tea bag. The pyramid shape make it possible for the bag’s content to fissure during the brewing process. It has a sweet aromatic and a bit sour after taste. But for me, it’s way too fragrance. Let’s try their other variants, I would like to try the Lemongrass and Pure Green ones.. 🙂

I found an interesting fact, from lexis branding, that there is a feng shui related with the name Tasseo.  Tasseomancy is one of the tools in Feng Shui — reading tea leaves for fortune telling. Tasse, in French, incidentally refers to a cup. The name was immediately obvious to me: Asian art of reading tea leaves.



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