Hello Melbourne Life :)

This is my first time being apart from my family for such a long time. So this is totally a new experience to live alone and do everything all by myself. I proved what my friends who lived far from home said about the unwilling feeling to eat by yourself. Wait! Before I go any further, actually I’m in the library to do my assignment(s), 3 lectures attended, 3 assignments given. Yeah that’s campus life which I missed so bad.. Hahaha.

Here is the spot at the Uni Library where I did this post. This photo is in my Instagram account @neysavaleria

Finally I know how it feels like, not a good feeling. I am truly a food lovers but still I feel lazy, no appetite and so on. Even though in the end I still eat because I can’t let my tummy for being starving. Hehehe. I will reveal some of the foods I ate these past 2 weeks because my first week spent in my cousin’s house and I nutritionally fulfilled there. They cook a lot of yummy foods, especially Indonesian and Chinese ones which I miss so bad at this moment.

You know when you are alone, instant noodles is a really good companion, very simple, tasty and will make you sate (ya at least for me). I guess it won’t be interesting to see a bundle pictures of instant noodles, rite? 🙂

Weeks ago, I went to the nearest Shopping Centre from my University, which is Northland Shopping Centre. I spotted a cute cupcakes bakery, yeah it is also the bakery’s name “The Cupcakes Bakery”. Even I’m not a sweet tooth, I want to treat myself with something sweet that day. The outlet located in one of the mall intersection (near Sports Girl and the opposite of Forever New. Oh I only remember clothing store to describe the location :p). They sell various cupcakes and coffee. I bought a red velvet and cuppa hot chocolate. Originally I tempted by several pretty cupcakes (especially the rocky road one) but I wouldn’t end them up. So just one and one for my Saturday breakfast. The cupcake fits me well, with a mild sweet flavor and creamy cheese on top. The hot chocolate? Yeah it was good with rich of froth on top.. Giggling giggling of happy  tummy feeling.

The red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese and heart icing on top! Check my IG @neysavaleria

The delightful hot chocolate 🙂

Each cupcakes price : AU$ 3.80

Regular hot chocolate : AU$ 3.50

Every regular beverage purchased with cupcakes reduced to AU$ 1.50

Yesterday I did a grocery shopping because I really wanna eat beef, yeah so I bought it. Australia is famous for their high grade quality of meat. Meat here are normally pretty cheap and has a good quality and I’m a meat lover as well. Kewl. At first I didn’t really know what to cook but eventually decided to make a beef steak. I have beef, baby potatoes and salad mix. Yeah so just that’s simple. I seasoned the beef, sauteed the baby potatoes and served the mix salad fresh with light dressing. Accidentally this one was not as delicious as its appearance because I put sugar instead of salt to season the beef steak. I was about to cry and laughing at the same time, right after realized that I put sugar for my steak. And yeah, the steak was so sweet

I more likely to eat at home rather than buy food at University’s cafes/cafetaria/restaurants. But yeah I did buy some foods at Uni. One of them is Carbonara Bacon Pasta from Cafe Velocci. They sell a wide range of pasta, light meals, salad bar, sushi, coffee etc. I love the place with wide glass windows everywhere. The pasta itself using penne and raviolli with very creamy and savory sauce. They combine it with mushroom, bacon and garnished with parsley. In my opinion this pasta is quite tasty and served in a big portion. This one costs AU$ 6.90 for the regular size.

The carbonara creamy bacon pasta


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