Homy Food, Spicy Chicken and Friends

This is my fourth week. One of the best part of living alone is improving your cooking ability, I guess. It is said there are sooo many places offer yummy foods to eat in Melbourne as it is one of the attraction of this city. The problem is, firstly I can’t go out or buy meal outside everyday, it will cause a lot of expense, secondly, I want to eat rice and the foods that I couldn’t find easily here. Sometimes I find rice that isn’t cooked well or different with my expectation. I don’t use to eat sandwich or bread to sate mmyself. I need rice. Give me hot rice and sambal (Indonesian chili sauce) then I can survive. I’m so Indonesian.

These 3 or 4 days I am craving to eat spicy foods! I can’t find any foods that can meet my spiciness expectation here. Even I have tried some spicy foods here like Indian, Korean and Shi Zhuan cuisine but I miss Indonesian food so bad. Yesterday I decided to cook (again) and I already bought a bottle of table salt for cooking :p No more sugar added for savory foods! I made spicy chicken, sambal and sauteed vegetable, which are soooo homemade. I always enjoy my cooking time even though I am not a good cook, but I try to.

The ingredients :

  1. boneless-skinless chicken breast – cut into long strips
  2. salt and pepper – my weapon for every savory dish I make
  3. lemon juice
  4. minced garlic and oil
  5. chili flakes
  6. real minced red chili
  7. small hump of bok choy
  8. white rice

The Simple and Fun Steps :

  1. Cook the rice (I used frying pan for cooking the rice because the rice cooker used by my housemate) Surprisingly, the rice cooked well. I just put washed rice, the right amount of water and cover the pan with a wide plate yeah since I have limited cooking utensils here. Hahahaha.
  2. While cooking the rice, I marinated the chicken strips with salt, pepper, chili flakes, a bit of lemon juice, minced chili and garlic. Then just leave it as I need to do something else.
  3. For the chili sauce or called “sambal” in Indonesian, I pre-heated the pan then put garlic and oil first. After smelling the aromatic garlic, I added minced red chili, added salt and a bit of lemon juice. Be careful of the amount of the lemon juice because its strong sourness possibly ruin your food.
  4. Fried the chicken for 3-5 minutes or until the color turning into golden and the outer side has reached desirable crisp.
  5. Last step, I sauteed the bok choy with garlic and slight chicken stock.
  6. Serve the spicy chicken, sauteed bok choy with chilli sauce and warm rice.

Anyway, I am a big fan of garlic because it can strengthen the smell and taste of foods.The final result of my dish, honestly I didn’t satisfied by the spiciness level of my cook. I want it to be more and more spicy  T_T. But I enjoyed my dinner a lot especially for the homy-feeling the food brought.

My homemade dinner, spicy chicken, sambal and sauteed veggie.


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