Seoul Metro

Last week I went out with my new housemate. She’s from China, a very kind and nice girl. We both are newbie in Melbourne. It really a good thing to have a friend at home because this house was so quiet and tend to be no one at home.

After taking a long walk around the city of Melbourne and having sweet treat at Dessert Story, we decided looking for Korean food for our dinner. We do love Korean foods and Korean things hahaha. We watch K-dramas and K-variety shows as well. *shy* One of my friend would curse me reading this post :p

The Korean Restaurant we decided to get in was Seoul Metro in Lonsdale st. Their location is kinda tricky and hideous. If you don’t pay attention, you probably will just pass it. The location is in the right side of a parking building area’s entrance. When you walk along the alley, you will welcomed by some huge posters of Korean pop stars like Super Junior, KARA, B2ST, Wonder Girls, etc. Anddd there they are, the small Korean Restaurant that said always packed by people especially in week end. It is also said that Seoul Metro serve a very authentic taste of Korean foods.

Right after we came in, well yeah everyone was speaking in Korean, both the staffs and the guests. What a *zingggg* moment for both of us. We just stared to each other, smiled and tried to find a table for two assisted by the owner itself. 🙂 All of the staffs there seemed to be a Korean since all of them talked Korean. There is a big train Melbourne railroad map hanging in the wall. Some big tables and several table for 2-4 people and also bar table. The service was quite good even it was crowded that night. The staffs were friendly and gave fast response.

We ordered Buddae Jjiggae for two. This is a type of ijiggae (a thick Korean soup similar to a Western stew) with some western toppings inside because from its history, after the Korean War, food was scarce in Seoul. Some people made use of surplus foods from US Army bases around the Uijeongbu area, Pyeongtaek area (also called Songtan)or Munsan area, such as hot dogs, canned ham, and spam, and incorporated them into a traditional spicy soup flavored with gochujang (red chili paste) and kimchi. You can get further information about the history here.

Our buddae jjigae served in a very large pan above a portable stove together with two bowls of rice and kimchi as side dish. The soup was rich of toppings like saussage, ham, spam, pepperoni, gyeopsal (layered pork flesh), onion, beansprout, vermicelli, tofu, kimchi, spring onion, peanut, tteokbokki (Korean rice cake) and spread with grated cheese. This is my first time eating buddae jjigae so I don’t have any comparison. But the soup base is nearly the same with other Korean stew and in my opinion it was too bland. I wish it could be more salty and spicy. :p Actually I often find that foods here are too bland because my saltiness level is a bit abnormal that I should take an action to reduce my salty and savory level. At first we thought we wouldn’t end up the food because they were so many but in the end we finished them up even nothing left. Happy tummy!

Buddae Jjiggae

Buddae Jjiggae rich toppings!

For the drink, we had Korean tea and we didn’t get what the name is as the waitress said it fast and we already asked her to repeat for couple of times. And still we didn’t get it. Okay so from my search through internet, I guess it was Hyeonmi cha which is roasted rice tea as the smell of the tea we drank slightly give roasted rice aromatic. And yeah I like it!

Korean tea that is probably Hyeonmi cha

The picture taken by the friendly owner 🙂

Buddae Jjiggae for two : AU$ 28

Tea : AU$ 2

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2 Comments on “Seoul Metro”

  1. sitadewi says:

    tehnya ga kayak yang di korean restonya indo has? semacem roasted corn gituu?

  2. Hahaha.. Semacam has.. wanginya roasted cuma penjelasan mba2 Korea-nya ga jelas.. terus gw udah “Hah?” ampe 3x.. jadi yaudah lahh.. :p

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