Homy Food Diary

Fruits and Cereal

What a fine breakfast in the middle of the week! I had this lovely breakfast last Wednesday. I love the color of these fruits and of course they are my favorite ones as well. I love how their sour and sweetness make me fresh..even just for a while since I easily get sleepy after having full tummy :p Paired them with a bowl of Keelogg’s is really a yeayy idea!

Sundanese Dinner yayyy!

I’m dying of eating Sundanese food last Tuesday, soooo I end up with this red rice, chicken + tofu bumbu kuning, sambal and veggie. I don’t know where to get this kind of food here. But luckily I still could get the spices in Asian Market. As the finishing touch I even sprinkled fried red onion over the rice. One more interesting thing about this is I had this dinner right from the pan. What a happy dinner at home since at that time my bf just bought me a table for dining, placed my in room. So we celebrated the new table by eating Sundanese dinner with paella (Spain food) look alike style. Hahaha.

Stuffed Grilled Chicken Dinner

Made this after having my first presentation in class, yeah it was around 3 weeks ago. That night, I had a strong desire to eat chicken kiev but I had no ingrendients to make it real. So I stuffed my chicken breast with chopped onion, garlic, lettuce, bacon and cheese then grilled it. I had it with mixed salad. Completing the happy time, that night I got a surprise that my bf sending me a flight ticket photo from Jakarta to Melbourne. So he was here for the last 2 and half weeks. I will post our exciting culinary journey in Melbourne later.  🙂

Having jam bread and glass of milk, what a classic brekkie

Super easy and fast breakfast to have when I waking up late for uni. :p white bread and lite milk.

Nissin Shoyu Ramen, my fave one!

This is my number one favorite instant noodle I just found. This noodle is from Nissin (Japanese food brand) comes with a delicious seasoning, shoyu sauce and grated nori. The noodle itself is really nice and supported with the super rich shoyu taste. I like it so much! I would bring dozen of this when I’m going back to Indonesia someday. Hahaha.


3 Comments on “Homy Food Diary”

  1. sitadewi says:

    mana foto jalan2 sama bfnyaaah????

  2. Nanti kalo udah sempet ditulisss…hahaha.lagi semrawut nih keseharian gw.. haha. kangen deh hasi!!!

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