Brunch Treat at Lady Bower

“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.”

– Robert A. Heinlein, Friday –

I love having a good breakfast!!! When I was in Bandung I had a brunch routine with my besties. We do love trying something new, new menus, new places and in the end just set back to our most favorite ones over and over again. Oh how I miss our brunch routines!

Last week I had a superb weary times, a lot of things to be done under pressure. Ughh. Well yeah it’s the life cycle isn’t it? So after a sleepless and foodless Saturday (haha), on this cloudy and windy Sunday, I treat myself with a good breakfast.

I know this place, which name is Lady Bower from internet, Google and Urbanspoon (Thanks God for the Google and friends existence). This is a small and beautiful cafe in Reservoir, pretty close with my home. They are quite famous and got high rating in Urbanspoon for serving good breakfast, cakes, coffee and tea. Oh you know what, I do love this kind of place.  So after Sunday church, I went there alone, yah alone :’)

This little cafe was packed by customers inside and outside. The cafe itself seemed so hectic and luckily I had a single table for one. My first impression was at their staffs. I should say all of them are impeccably presented and very friendly, lovely! The second one is the simple-unique interior inside creating a cozy and warm atmosphere.

They offer spring menu collection for this season (I guess..I read this on their website) and I chose one of the sandwich menu, meatballs, smoky sauce, swiss cheese, rocket salad, flat bread. Tadaaaa! The foods are well presented  (not only mine) I mean, I saw another customers’ orders and spotted how theirs were nicely arranged as well.

The meatball sandwich over a flat bread

Hahaha. I didn’t know what flat bread is at first, so umm yeah it was a bit like pizza bread. The bread was fine, the smoky sauce (tomato pasta) was nice as well and they both were so fresh and tasty. I was so impressed that the rocket salad was so fine. The last but not least were the jumbo meat balls (seriously they were big) and swiss cheese. I love tomato but honestly I’m not a fan of tomato pasta or sauce.

Did I tell you that since my coming here, I become a bit of sweet tooth! I don’t know why… As my dessert, I had a slice of chocolate brownies. Hihi. So yummy, the top was crusty with sprinkled sugar and the cake itself tasted like frozen cake that just started to melt down because of the room temper. Oh yes, of course it’s just me, my unknown description.

The Divine Choco Brownies

Overall I had a delightful experience here for the good foods, ambiance, staffs and service. I’d gladly come back, hope won’t be all alone. :’)

Meatball,… sandwich………………………………………………………$9

  Chocolate Brownies……………………………………………………..$3.50

Lady Bower Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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