Cheesy Toast Poached Egg

Finally have more time rushing back in the kitchen. Today is my very first attempt of making poached egg. Hahaha. I always think it’s not an easy task to do. It’s kinda simple but tricky since you have to keep the shape and make sure the egg yolk is runny enough as well. Today the weather is good here in Melbourne, such a warm and sunny day. I think a good breakfast will be a nice treat. I toasted slices of buttered cheesy bread and made cheesy sauce.

Then I tried to poach the egg this way :

  1. Boil water, add some vinegar and salt (don’t add too much vinegar otherwise it will affect the egg’s flavor, you need this only to keep the egg’s shape nicely)
  2. Beat an egg into the boiling water
  3. Use a ladle to keep the egg’s shape well
  4. Boil the egg to the desired runny level
  5. Remove and drain the egg before serving

I put the poached egg upon my toasted bread tower, covered it with cheesy chive sauce and sprinkled some black pepper. Actually for me the poached egg was overcooked since I want it half cooked so the yolk still runny enough. I really love my buttered cheesy toast with chives. I had 4 slices this morning and it seems like I can have more…. tempting yet so sinful. Hahaha.


My tempting buttered-cheesy toast


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