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It’s November already and it’s been 7 months since my first food post in this blog. I admit that I am not a good blogger or writer. I don’t post regularly, my English still sucks, my photos are not artistic and well yeah, lacking in many aspects in blogging thing. Well, I’m learning though 🙂  It’s not easy to blog, I mean to communicate your thought verbally in writing that is convenience and interesting to read.

At first I was encouraged to make a food blog because I have many food pictures that are collected since around 2008. I do love eating, foods criticizing and making food reviews (orally hahaha). I would love to experience new food mostly without hesitant. Yes, this is food in general since I have too many favorite foods. So I use to make a list and give culinary suggestions for others and it has become kind of habit. Gradually more people such as my relatives and friends start to ask my opinion and recommendation about foods, restaurants and cafes for so many times. So in the beginning of this year I decided to write down about my reviews so I can share with more people aligned with service, price, atmosphere review and pictures as well to make it more attractive and informative.

In February 2012 I wrote down my first post. I realize it was awful, well my first session posts were not good 😛 . But I started to enjoy more and more this food blogging and still continue doing it until now. Since I live in Melbourne, my posts are not only about restaurant review but also about my cooking as well. To be honest, I am not a good cook but I am learning to be a good one. My mom is a great cook and she can cook any kind of foods, she spoils her family with good foods. I think that is why I can cook a bit, you know it’s just like a vicarious learning. I was learning by watching her for my lifetime. I live with my parents for 23 years and I watch my mom cooking for almost my whole life.

I never cook when I was in Indonesia, well I did but it was rarely. When I studied in my Bachelor degree, I spent most of my life only a return way from Uni-Home. I used to go back home late from Uni even during week-end. I did have good foods but I did not have the opportunity to write food reviews like what I do these days. But I have no regret of being a Uni-Home person, the truth is I kind of missing it now 🙂

In Melbourne I start cooking my own dishes for lunch and dinner. I often skip breakfast and then have brunch instead. I do want to eat some of my favorite foods but I couldn’t find it here so I cook it by myself. Another reason is I live quite far from the Melbourne city where I can find any kind of foods there. I have to put too much effort going to city only for eating, sometimes it’s alright. Yeah sometimes. Well, it takes about 1 hour plus plus (walking time, waiting time for the public transport coming etc.) that I prefer to learn how to cook instead.

I thought I was pretty knowledgeable but once I got here then I realized….No wayyyy.. I am lacking of skills and knowledge and I need to learn a lot. I should improve my writing skill, photos, knowledge and ability as well. I do really hope that I can endure the learning process diligently, enjoy every steps and make a significant improvement in the future. I realize the importance of reading others’ food blogs, interact with another blogger and to have my very own writing style.

For me food is never be that simple. Food is not merely something to fulfill human’s basic need, as I said once that for me food is a joyful art. It takes creativity, sense, emotion, time and hard effort to result a real good food. Food brings me happiness that I barely find in other thing, I mean even clothes or make up can’t compete. Well, they did but not any longer. I am enjoying my messy and non-recipe based cooking time, relishing my food tasting and blogging time so much. Hope whoever read mine will enjoy it too. 🙂


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