Tom Turtle Melbourne

One fine Sunday is perfect for dessert. The weather is getting warmer in here and I like it so much! Even it’s still cold at night, but it’s fine. I’m getting bored with the cold weather and can’t wait for a hotter season! I didn’t go to my church last week and went to St. Francis in the city instead. What a coincidence I went there with Ci Celi and Ansen since we were in Melbourne Central in the right timing. I was there when they just arrived by train. St. Francis church located very close to Melbourne Central.

After church, we felt that we need something to eat. Hahaha. Hmm just something sweet and light since it was too early to have dinner. As I will have a friend’s birthday party too later on so we just need a little sweet treat for the Sunday afternoon. Ansen knows a dessert place in Bourke street and we directly headed there. Actually none of us ever been there but finally we found it, the name is Tom Turtle, such a cute name isn’t it?

When we passed the shop’s window, we were attracted by the ice cream menus since the ice cream are cubical. Yeah just imagine rows of colorful cubes with various range of flavors. And yes, we were getting more excited! Hahaha.

We figured that Tom Turtle offer 4 main types of menus, which are ice cream, French crepes, toast and waffles. As our excitement enhanced, it felt like we want to order ice cream, crepes, toast and waffles. We are easily mouthwatering just by seeing food’s picture. Tom Turtle successfully excite us with the photos in the menu book. Oh no!

Finally we decided to order 3 desserts menu. The first one was a plate of ice cream combination in four flavors, Melon Midori-Rose Water-Black Sesame-Taro (we can choose our preferable flavor)  Tom-Turtle-Melbourne

1 cube – $2.50 etc. but 4 cubes –  $7.80

That’s why we chose four instead. Ha! Among all of the ice cubes, we love the black sesame the most (this is Ansen’s choice, so hands down for him. Hehehe). The second favorite was the melon midori, a fresh green cube with a light sweet taste. My third preference was rose water, a baby pink cube with rosy aroma and sweet taste. And the last one must be the violet taro. Too bad we couldn’t find any “taro” taste in it and it just tasted sweet.

 The second one was waffle with 1 cube of vanilla ice cream, chocolate and raspberry sauce. The waffle was not crisp and tasted so-so, the chocolate sauce was a little bit weird and not really chocolaty. The vanilla ice cream was fine. Overall I should say the waffle is not recommended.Tom-Turtle-Melbourne-2

Waffle with ice cream – around $ 8.25 (forgot!!! My bad..)

  Our third order was Kaya Jam Toast served with one cube of vanilla ice cream. The toast was not seemed riched of Kaya jam as we expected but the toast bread itself tasted quite nice and crunchy. The vanilla ice cream enhanced the overall flavor.Tom-Turtle-Melbourne-1

Kaya Toast with vanilla cube. Too bad the vanilla ice cream can’t bee seen clearly. Toast with ice cream $ 4.95

On that day Ci Celi ordered a double shot of espresso as well but she said it was too weak and liquid as she could recognize it obviously even without tasting it.

It is such a nice and comfy spot to hang out and chill out for hours with friends or family. The shop ambience is nice, bright and cozy with wooden cube chairs and cube ice cream dummies as decorations. Pretty good! The staffs and service were also good but the foods are just so-so. So I give 6/10 for Tom Turtle. 😀

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