Ramen Ya Part 1

Last Friday I had a chilling time with my friend but actually we spent that day only with eating and chitchatting whole day. We met in the city around 1 p.m and both of us were starving that time. Our first destination was Ramen Ya at GPO Melbourne. I was excited since besides I was very hungry, the place packed by the crowd so I thought “the food must be good “. Me and my friend stood in a quite long queue but luckily didn’t have to wait for a long time. I had Charsu Ramen with Soyu soup base and she had Tonkatsu Ramen.

Since the place was very crowded, we shared the table with another guy who seemed busy with bunch of papers on the table. Hahaha. Later on we shared with a hot love birds who keep admiring each other the whole time :p We had a funny table sharing partners though. I should say I would not be very happy to eat in a communal table like that especially alone. Since I was with my friend so it’s just okay.

The ramen came in a quite large bowl that at first I thought I won’t gonna finish it.. I thought so, but you know… :p I should say the ramen was so good. It served with slices of charsu (pork), half boiled egg, nori and other Japanese toppings. In my opinion this is the best one so far. I like the texture and chewiness of the noodle. The soup base met my expectation as well since I am a fan of soyu ramen and it was well served. I mixed the ramen with chili paste and togarashi (Japanese chili powder). It was just awesome… I like it and give 8/10.

The photo is taken from Ramen Ya official website since the photo I got is so reddish because of the tent’s red shades

Charsu Ramen is one of the most favorite menu here and it costs $ 10. Great value for such a big portion.

I think it’s too bad that the space is so small and there are more more outdoor spots under the tent outside the restaurant. I don’t really like the red shade from the tent as well. The staffs and service were quite good except we had to wait pretty long until our meals served beause it was crowded. But since the foods are so delish so that all fine. While I’m typing this..I am craving for a bowl of ramen. I am looking forward to get Kimchi Ramen in my next visit. Definitely will go back soon and grab more bowl, please..!

Ramen Ya on Urbanspoon


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