Melbourne French Festival – Como Historic House and Garden

Sunday 25th of November 2012.
Tricked by the weather forecast! For the whole of last week I was excited about the upcoming sunny days in the end of this week. I know it will be pretty hot, errrr over 30 degrees. I planned to go out this week end and just keep in mind that the weather would be perfect. This morning I checked the weather forecast and surprised that today will be a cloudy 22 degrees C. Argh. Hahaha. I have to apologize for mentioning “weather thing” in almost all of my recent posts. I just become more concern towards the weather in this “Four seasons in one day city”.

There is a French Festival at Como Historic House and Garden in 23-25 November 2012. The venue is located at South Yarra in southern area of Melbourne. This is definitely not my territory since I live in Northern suburb and super rarely go to the southern area. This Sunday (again), I went out with Ci Celi, her husband and Ansen.  We chose to take a walk from the South Yarra station to Como House. This is exercise, exercise! Lol.

Once we arrived, there was a short queue and directly welcomed by a girl who handed out the festival booklets. We already bought the ticket online so we can directly entered the venue. The ticket costs 15.00 for online booking and 20.00 for on the spot purchase or 35.00 for 3 day-pass ticket.


The festival was packed by many people even it has lasted for 2 days. There were many stalls under white tents in the Como park area. Most of them were selling French traditional foods like French crepes, pattiserrie, French bread, pate, foie gras, wine, jam, confit, cheese and pies. The other stalls were selling French products like L’occitane (as the main sponsor for this event), cute French style stuffs like hand made table cloth and apron, pictures, antiques, body painting, tour and tourism stall and so on. I reckoned some unique stalls I like, the canned pork-rabbit-crocodile stall, soap pattisserie stall, homemade vanilla-hazelnut-cacao jam stall and beautiful antique items from early 1900’s stall. I love to see so many children with French flag painted on their cutie cheeks, many people came with puppy too. Yes, I saw so many puppies even I don’t like animal I have to admit they are so cute.

The mouthwatering soap pattiseries

The mouthwatering soap pattiserie


Chocolate stall with pretty display

The visitors were entertained by some shows as we enjoyed the pantomim with French traditional music show, an accordeon man, a mingled joker man and the magic show. We bought roasted macadamia from an amazing man who directly talked in Indonesian since after knowing we are Indonesian. That was such a great approach! Each stall provide “tasting” facility so we can taste every food or drink.


The hilarious pantomim guys!

After walking around the whole venue, we decided to get the duck pie.. Me myself, really wondered how would it be.. FYI they also sell rabbit pie but I don’t have the courage to eat that cute little creature. I just can’t imagine eating rabbit’s meat. All of us were quite hungry that time and couldn’t wait longer to grab the pie. Well, finally we got a table and could start eating. The duct pie was not really good, well just okay. I can’t say it was nice, the strong lemony taste a little bit unacceptable for me. The pie shell was okay. I feel like eating a pao (Chinese bread) with pastry outer-base since the duck meat cooked similarly with pao’s meat filling. Hehehe. The duck pie was $7.50. You know, festival and event price always a little bit above average…
Seems like I put a higher expectation for the French Festival. We were bothered by the unavoidable heavy dust pollution since we walked in a sandy-like ground in the festival area. I could feel the dust everywhere, on my hair, my bag, my mobile and my feet even I wore shoes. The seller couldn’t really cover their goods from the dust as well since they were so busy. So we definitely ate dustily! For us it’s fine as we did it too when having Indonesian street foods. But it’s not a nice atmosphere when you can see the flying dust in every sight. The second inconvenient point was the limited number of toilet and whether or not there was a cleaner responsible to make sure the toilet is clean. Me and other visitors were surprised when welcomed by a tissue mountain once we entering the toilet.


duck pie

Even though, I was so happy spending this Sunday here with my friends since I could experience a different and unique atmosphere there. I could accept the medium-density of crowd, French songs playing during the visit and some French entertainments. I am so thankful it was not raining and in the end the weather was pretty good.



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