Tea Travel to Tea Leaves

I can say this is my another tea travel after a couple of months. The shop is Tea Leaves, located in the Tourist Road, Sassafras of Mount Dandenong, Victoria. This small shop is a tourism award winning shop in Sassafras and has a very delightfully warm atmosphere. They offer more than 300 teas, ranged from all tea types, tisanes, herbs, spices, fruit and flower infusions, coffees and chocolates. About 3 months ago Ci Celi gave me a box of nice Jasmine green tea from this shop, the tea packed in a foil bag inside a sliding wooden box and it smells very nice. Finally I can make a visit to this tea shop last Sunday 🙂




Tea cup selections

Once I entering the shop, I was overwhelmed by happiness of so many lovely tea cups and pots in any sizes, shapes and colors. Me and Ci Celi could not stop the “Ooohh” and “Wahhh” expression during our visit. Hehehe. So many types and variations, so many styles and colors and everything just captured my attention very quickly! Their loveliness evoked my greedy shopping syndrome “Oh I want this but I want that too, oh actually I want them all” You know that feeling, don’t you? Hahaha. 🙂



Floral pattern tea-set

Another explosion was when we jumped into the organic tea areas. I repeated the same activities as I always do in a tea shop, opening the tester jar, smelling, commenting, opening another jar and so forth. It took me quite a long time to do that and decide which of  them would go home with me. I spotted some unique herbal tisanes there and my favorite selections are the Japanese Morning Dew, Japanese Gen Mai Cha, Rosebuds Herbal Tisanes, Mango Black Tea and the Strawberry Champagne Black Tea. We spent quite a long time choosing the tea and considering the cuteness overloaded tea cups. I did not buy many types of tea since I still had plenty of them at home that I could not even finish them until now. Even I have a cup of tea almost everyday, it’s still hard to finish all of the tea boxes just by myself.


One of the organic tea shelf


Organic tea area


Coffee area

In the end I just bought the Rosebud herbal tisanes and Strawberry Champagne Black Tea. I will make the review later about them but one thing that I can guarantee they smell so damn good! In my opinion this tea shop is a recommended tourism spot if you visit Dandenong area, in addition there are many other cafes and unique shops nearby too. Ahh it is Thursday already, means week-end is coming real soon! One more day to go, hope you guys have a great week-end 🙂 Cheers!

Tea Leaves Aust Pty Ltd
380 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road, Sassafras Victoria Australia 3787

Email info@tealeaves.com.au
Telephone +61 3 9755 2222
Fax +61 3 9755 2222


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  2. Tɦaոks for finally talking about >Tea Travel to Tea Leaveѕ | foodandteatraveller <Loved it!

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