This is The Cherry Season – Trip to Cherry Hills Orchard

This is the cherry season! Earlier in the fourth week of November, I got a message asking me going out on Sunday to cherry farm, located near to Mount Dandenong. My friend said this is kind of once a year season, so absolutely a yes yes yes. Lol. The good thing is all of us are free this Sunday (“us” refers to the same troops as the French Festival event).

Dandenong is so far away from where I live as it is located in southern side. I went to my friend’s house first to make it easier. I didn’t think that it will be a quite long travel. It took around 1,5 hours to reach the farm. We had a fun chit chat along the driving time and also spoiled by beautiful scenes and warm weather. I feel so grateful for all the perfect combinations I had to spend my first Sunday in December, great people and great time.


The view along the road

Out of our prediction, the cherry farm which is Cherry Hills Orchard was crowded by visitors this Sunday. This Australian family owned farm is one of the biggest cherry supplier nationwide too. I overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery (as always) bah! Right after parked the car, we met few Indonesian families there. It reminds me when I went to the Tulip Farm in Tasselaar that I met Indonesians everywhere, front side-back side, left side-right side all Indonesians. Hahaha.

After paying the ticket and grabbing our buckets, we directly headed to the cherry areas, actually there were many and we just randomly chose one of them. I barely knew that we should pick the dark red-grape color one instead of the red color one. Errrr I mean the red one looks very tempting and too pretty, too bad the red cherry tastes sour. Many families were having picnic on the ground (Oh well they are so well-prepared for picnic time!), other families having it on the wooden tables available around the farm. There was also a Cherry Bus that can take the visitors to other cherry land areas but we were too lazy either to queue or go to other spots. :p

We were too  excited picked the dark red cherries and took tons of pictures. While we were happily picking and taking photos, suddenly an officer girl came and said that was not the picking area and we should go to the actual areas nearby. The first sentence after her warning was “Wait we want to take one more shoot..” and she replied like “Okay make it very fast..” Hahaha. The officer girl was so cute as she seemed nervous and her appearance made me think of Wendy’s icon girl with the 2 sided braids.

Too bad the “actual areas” is not as interesting as the forbidden area. That is because there were not as many cherries as the first area we went. We think they should give clearer notice which are the allowable area and which are not since we didn’t find it yesterday. Ci Celi is going to make cherry jam with the cherries! She is amazing in this kind of thing. Last week she uploaded some photos in the making process of apple-berry jam for Christmas presents, so lovely isn’t it?


Very pretty, seems like the artificial one!


Ci Celi and Mumun


Look at the grape color cherry! Which one is more mouthwatering for you, red or the darker one?

We can eat cherry as many as we can manage while we were in the farm. The picked cherries in the bucket will be weighted before we go out from the farm and sold for 10$ per kg which is cheaper than in the supermarkets. I could not eat too many cherries, never be a real fan of this fruit actually. But I love the happy time, the scenery and especially the new experience I had in here. We spent about 1,5 hours in the cherry farm and continued the day to another spot nearby (find out on my next post) and not to forget we bought cherry ice creams too!



I cherish every moment in life and make it as a happiness celebratory. I enjoy every green and beautiful scene I see. I love the fresh air in my every breath. I can not find them easily back home since it has polluted everywhere. I feel grateful in every single simple thing that made my day happier. I hope you guys do too.. 🙂

No photo of Ansen here, but these photos are credited to him as he was very patient being the camera man. Hehehe. Thank you!

Note : The entry ticket is 10$ including all you can eat cherries in the farm and 10$ per kg for the picked cherries. Prepare foods and drinks if you gonna have a picnic there. Cherry Hills Orchard is going to open until next January during the cherry season.

Cherry Hills Orchard-474 Queens Road, Wandin East, Victoria 3139 Australia


2 Comments on “This is The Cherry Season – Trip to Cherry Hills Orchard”

  1. I love cherries and am so excited that it is cherry season. Ansen’s cherry pics look amazing – makes me crave some now, if Cherry Orchard was in Perth I’d be there in a heart beat.

    • Hi michelle, I am so glad you had a visit on my blog 🙂 I begin to love cherry too recently hehe. Cherry Orchard will be open until January, maybe it would be great if you have a chance to visit Melbourne and grab a culinary tour here! I do really love Perth, everything is just so beautiful there. Hope I can make another visit to Perth.

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