Welcome holiday season! Everybody loves Friday and the phrase “TGIF” is so famous these days. I reckon this is one of the most widely used word on people’s Social Media status every Friday. This Friday is more special since for many of you, this is the last working day before having the Christmas and end year holiday. Double the excitement, double the happiness, yeayy!!!

This Friday I would like to write about my first gastronomic experience in T.G.I Friday which is located in one of the most trendy and fascinating area in Melbourne i.e. Chapel Street, South Yarra. South Yarra is such a lovely area as you can find a lot of cafe, restaurants, boutiques and interesting shops there. In this first visit, we had these 3 dishes and shared all of the foods together.


The first dish is Jack Daniel Platter. Jack Daniel Platter is kind of entree platter consists of beer-buttered fried prawns, grilled spare ribs and fried chicken served with their specialty sauce and coleslaw. Among those three, I chose the grilled spare-ribs as the best serving as it was very well marinated and tender. The second place winner was the prawn, they were very crunchy outside, tender inside and well seasoned. The fried chicken was kind of too sweet but it was fine. The specialty sauce tasted like sweet soy sauce but in a too sweet way. Yes, the sauce was too sweet and I couldn’t pair it with the samplers.

Jack Daniel Platter – AU$ 29,9


The second dish was Rib Eye Steak, ordered as medium cooked, came with mushroom sauce, two sides which were crispy fries and buttered green bean. They served the steak on a hot plate style and I reckon this caused the meat became overly cooked for medium level. I couldn’t taste the juiciness of the meat, it was too dry and the worst thing it was overcooked. I expected having a medium cooked meat with more pink shades in the middle of the meat. The fries and butter green bean were so-so. The best part of the steak was the mushroom sauce as it was so tasty with a strong mushroom flavor and rich of mushroom chunks . No wonder the friendly waiter recommended this sauce for us.

Rib Eye Steak – AU$ 33,95


The third dish was Sweet Onion Mushroom Burger, a huge size and thick burger with grounded beef burger, vegetables, cheese caramelized onion and mushrooms served with fries. The burger was the most mouthwatering dish in term of the food presentation compared with the other 2 dishes. You can see the melted cheese over the grounded meat and big cut of mushrooms overflowing on it. The taste was just fine, I found it was kind of too dry but I have to say this was the best selection for our TGIF lunch.

Sweet Onion Mushroom Burger – AU$ 19,95


All of the foods came in quite a big portion and the service was also good. The staffs are friendly and handy while assisting customer choosing the menu. The restaurant is decorated uniquely with many unique stuffs and dominated with wooden ornaments giving a warm atmosphere. It reminds me of old style American bar and the unique decorations become another attraction for visitors. Regarding to the foods, I give 6.5/10 for T.G.I. Friday.

By the way, Merry early Christmas for you who celebrate, Happy early New Year and Happy Holiday for all of you!!! Cheers…

T.G.I Friday's on Urbanspoon


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