Shakahari Too Vegetarian Restaurant, Rocks!

I have been here for three times before finally having the real dining experience in this restaurant. Two of my friends work  here and my previous visits were just to catch up with them. A warm Saturday afternoon in South Melbourne, my friend already made a booking dinner for me and bf. We were nicely welcomed by everyone and we greeted Ci Celi and Ansen in the kitchen first before heading to our table. A strong calming and poise ambience caught my attention because of the earthy tones domination interior.

In that lovely evening, we were also introduced to their boss or the Shakahari master-chef, Beh Ki Mun. I read that he is one of the best chef in town! Besides, I have heard that he is a great chef and I am glad to see him in person.

Happily we were given 2 entrees from them and asked only to choose the main course. Our choices were on the famous Croquette Quinoa and Green Green Laksa plus Buddha Tears Tea for the drink.

Shakahari-Too-Vegetarian-Restaurant-RocksBuddha Tears Tea – AU$ 5.00


Avocado Magic. Beautifully presented, consists 4 pieces of fried avocado and red capsicum inside an eggplant slices, served with fresh jade green  sauce. The sauce was made by coriander puree and avocado. I spotted a very pretty garnish over the pieces but I don’t know what it is. Well, so how’s the taste? It was sooo good, I didn’t even know how come I could eat avocado just like that since I don’t really like it. They fried it very crunchy and savory outside but smooth and sweet inside. The sauce was sweet and slightly sour with freshy after taste. The name suits the taste very well, it was magically delicious.



Green Papaya Salad. Another beautiful presentation of shredded green papaya, organic tempeh, carrot, cherry tomatoes, cashew, herbs in sweet-sour-mild spicy sauce. This salad is a great starter and absolutely appetizing.


Quinoa Croquette – AU$ 17,50

Quinoa Croquette. Four pieces of potato croquette mixed with quinoa, green bean and carrot served with mild chili sauce. I heard this is one of the most favorite ordered menu in Shakahari. No wonder since the croquette is really yummy!


Green Green Laksa – AU$ 17,50

Green Green Laksa. Big size noodle with tofu, organic tempeh, vegetarian “meat”, spinach, bean sprout in rich and savory laksa soup base. This is our favorite dish that we finished everything inside the bowl. Honestly I never have a thought that vegetarian food could be this lovely and yummy as what I had in Shakahari Too.

All of the materials are good quality and I was told most of them are organic too.  Moreover all of the staffs are very friendly and handy in doing the services. One of the highlight that time was he waiter asked whether we are going to have the dishes shared or not and we gave her a “yes”. They set everything properly and promptly for sharing style dining, even the laksa came separately in two bowls with pretty presentation for both of them. I don’t know whether or not another restaurant do the same thing but it was my first experience of being treated that way.

In a sentence, I had a healthy, pleasant and great dining experience here. I love Shakahari Too and I bet you will too – 8.8/10

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