Friday Dinner – The Meat and Wine Co.

“Wine is the intellectual part of a meal while meat is the material” – Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870)

I have been craving for steak these weeks and finally could have it when my bf having his another vacation here. He is absolutely a meat eater just like me, so he totally agreed going to Meat and Wine  Co.  for a good steak for dinner. Since it was such a sudden decision, I just made the reservation in the morning and we only got 1,5 hours for dinner time at 5.30 pm otherwise we have to wait until 10 pm for another available table.

No choice, 10.00 pm would be too late for having a heavy dinner so we took the 5.30 pm instead. We went to Meat and Wine Co. with Ci Celi and her husband on a Friday evening.


Meat and Wine Co. located in a great area in Southbank Melbourne which is in front of the Yarra River. At that time, we were seated in the 2nd floor and got a quite nice view outside the windows.

I ordered Wagyu Rump Steak (500gr), well yeah, it was a 500 gr meat which must be a really big portion for me. I knew it is such a huge portion but I wanted to have wagyu and had no choice for rumph wagyu. It only came in one size otherwise I have choose the 300 gr Rib-eye wagyu instead.  So I ended up with a 500 gr Rump steak. I ordered the wagyu to be cooked medium with additional Creamy mushroom sauce.

After waiting for around 20 minutes, our foods came altogether. I was so happy to have it perfectly medium cooked with pinkish meaty colour. And of course they served a great quality meat and the meat was very tender, succulent and juicy, perfectly fit my taste.


The wagyu is grain-fed for 500 days and a selected minimum marble of 6+. The 500gr Rump Steak Wagyu  – AU$ 46,00 and Creamy Mushroom Sauce AU$ 4,00


My bf ordered medium well 600 gr Rib-Eye Monte Select steak with creamy garlic sauce as he doesn’t like too pinkish meat. His order was great as well and guess what, it was even bigger than mine! The steak came with fries and I would say the “super crunchy fries” (as it is described in the menu) was really crunchy and yummy. The mushroom sauce was so-so but the creamy garlic sauce was great, I think to ordered that sauce in my next visit. In the end both of us could not finish our steak but we just left a tiny cut of the meat. In short, we were a greedy meat eaters that day!


The Monte-Select is grain-fed for 120 days. The 600 gr Monte Select Rib-Eye – AU$ 46,00 and Creamy Garlic Sauce AU$ 4,00.

We had a great dinner time and I definitely will go back when I am craving for a good steak and meat. We also ordered wine but my mistake not to take a note what they were so I totally forgot but they were nice. I could say that your spent in Meat and Wine Co. is totally worth with all the aspects you get such as the foods, wines, service, atmosphere and even the hype location. I suggest to make a reservation days before so you will have a more convenience dining time. Service was good and they also sent a thank you message and wishes for the customers who just visited them.

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5 Comments on “Friday Dinner – The Meat and Wine Co.”

  1. Tony Ganesh says:

    Nothing Special Onion rings is the only dish.. rude wait staffs. Everything triple priced and dirty Ambiance We got a rude staff member telling us to leave early as if the table booked already. Steaks and Lambs were overcooked. They do not marinate before cooking and just throw the flavour on it. Salads are not filling.Stale Prawns in Parmesan & Rocket Salad caused us Indigestion. They tell you to buy fizzed imported spring water

  2. ganeshantd says:

    Thank you Dear friend… you too have a nice weekend.. Will share my recipes and my exploration about food.. Please check out my south indian receipes below…

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