Ramen Ya Part 2

Japanese food is definitely one of the “unbearable food category” for me. I easily tempted to eat any kind of this food genre without hesitation. As I mentioned before in my Ramen Ya review last month, I really want to give the Kimchi Ramen a try. Yeah finally I have made it and again, I visited the GPO MeIbourne shop this time. This time I tried the Kimchi Ramen and A had the Gyoza Ramen with additional 1 portion of charsu. While I typing this post, the weather is pretty cold in here and it’s such a perfect timing for ramen, don’t you think so?

The ramen comes with tonkatsu (pork soup base) and served with sliced charsu too. Oh I love their charsu! Out of my expectation, the kimchi was way too bland for me, it just tasted dominantly sweet and slightly sour. The tonkatsu soup base blended quite well with the kimchi and made it turned red but not spicy at all. I added more togarashi and chili paste to make it spicy. Everything else are all the same with what I had before, yummy and chewy noodle, half boiled egg, bamboo shoot and tender charsu. So far, I find no one beats the yummy chewy ramen noodle they have.





















Kimchi Ramen – AU$ 11,00





















Gyoza Ramen – AU$ 10,00

The other bowl was Gyoza ramen with tonkatsu soup base. I have to say the gyoza was good as well that the wrap came in a perfect thickness and chewiness, yummy filling and you can taste the shredded ginger. If you order a menu besides the charsu ramen, having an additional charsu as side dish would be great. I recommend the Charsu and Gyoza Ramen when you make a visit to Ramen Ya shop!

P.S : The spicy paste in Ramen Ya tastes sooo good so if you are a spicy lover, this is an additional must have formula for your ramen!

Ramen Ya on Urbanspoon


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