BBQ Picnic!

During the Christmas holiday I spent one of the day for a BBQ picnic. I am so excited about picnic and since currently I live in a picnic friendly country, I am totally spoiled. In this country you can find parks everywhere and most of them especially the big ones, equipped with barbeque area or people call it “barbie” in here. This is my second barbie picnic as the first one I had it with my classmates after the exam.

It was such an unplanned picnic and I had it with the same lads that were going to The Meat and Wine Co. the week before. After a quick grocery shopping on Sunday morning, we headed to the afternoon mass first before starting the feast. As I stated above, this is such a sudden-without-proper-preparation picnic so the first thing we did after church was looking for available BBQ area in any parks located around the Melbourne CBD. You know what I mean, we didn’t even know where to hold the picnic! 😀

Since it was still on holiday week season, we found it hard to find one. Almost all the BBQ areas are occupied by others and on the other hand, we were dying of hunger! It was already around 3.00 p.m. in the afternoon and we haven’t had anything to eat before.

Luckily after a hard searching along Albert Park, we could get a really nice BBQ spot in front of the Albert Park Lake. And guess what? I am so in love with the view and the weather that day (except the strong wind that blown away our stuffs and couldn’t be caught). I bet everybody will love it too, well yeah, how could you won’t? The BBQ area is right on the side of the blue lake with flocks of both white and black swan swimming happily.


This beautiful picture of Albert Park Lake is not mine and a courtesy of


Alright then we started the preparation as the guys did the grill and the ladies did the foods prep. Due to the quick and rushed shopping, we didn’t buy a lot of foods. We had lamb, lamb cutlet, diced tenderloin beef, chicken chunks, Aussie’s banana prawn, patties, burger rolls, hotdog rolls, dips and onion! Yeah, we didn’t have any veggies or fruits but fortunately we still had fruit juice and that onion to be caramelized.


Eventually, the four of us could not finish the foods and the wind was getting stronger that we decided to go home and continue the cooking at home instead. At home, the ladies tried their best to cook Garlic Prawn and we did love it! Ssstt actually the guys didn’t love it as they said the prawns were too salty. It might because we added rock pepper salt and put additional garlic salt in the end. Hehehe. Our last menu of the day as it was almost midnight, we made burgers with onion and garlic seasoned patties. We did an experiment by putting shredded cheese inside and and re-mold the patties before grilling them.  A yummy way to end a tiring whole-day picnic feast!


I didn’t think to make a post about this picnic at first but since after I uploaded the photos through one of my social media account, lots of my friend asking and showing their interests therefore I want to share the experience with everyone. So I apologize for the incomplete pictures especially there is no photos of the BBQ foods itself. 😀

Sadly, there is no way you can find this kind of public facility in my country and based on what’s happened this far, it seems very hard to maintain the public facilities for a long term usage. Too bad. I would love to have parks and nice public facilities back home one day 🙂



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