IL Gambero On The Park

Lygon street, famous as Italian area here that some people call it the “Little Italy” in Melbourne. If you visit Melbourne, I suggest you to go here and enjoy the delightful dining experience especially during night time. You can find so many Italian eatery options along the street, cafe, pattieserie, coffee, gelati, pizza, pasta and so on. You’ll gonna be spoiled!

One Wednesday evening after working, I went here to have a good dinner that Lygon is one of my favorite place in this city. My brother always says, “one deserves a real good food after a hard working day” and I believe it’s so true. I have promised A that I am gonna take him to Il Gambero on the Park. I was invited for my friend’s birthday party months before and I love it so I was looking for a second visit.

Similar with my first visit here, Il Gambero was so packed even during weekdays. This time we were seated at the second floor which had less people.


The starter – Oyster Siccilian

The oysters were arranged nicely on a heap of rock salts served with fresh lettuce and carrot as garnish. It was one of my best oyster experience ever. I do really love the Sicilian Napoli sauce with slightly spicy taste, crispy bacon and melted parmesan cheese over the oysters. A must try for oysters lovers!

AU$ 16.90 for half dozen or 28,90 for a dozen


Mixed Pasta Platter

Il Gambero has this menu where we can choose three pastas on one plate and noted there will be additional AU$ 4 charge for seafood or gnocchi selections.


We chose Il Gambero Rigatoni with tiger prawns, garlic, fresh chili, parsley, olive oil and Napoli Sauce. This was A’s favorite with bunch of big size prawns and fresh Napoli sauce. Not too sour or salty yet you can find a super light spicy taste.


Calabrese Fettuccine with hot salami and olives in napoli sauce. This was our least favorite because the sauce was too dry and both salami and olives were salty. The combination of both of them made it way too salty.


Dimattina Tortellini with chicken, avocado, pesto, spring onion, dash of cream and napoli sauce (noted this one contains pine nuts). This was my most favorite among of those 3. It tasted creamy and fresh with the pesto, generous diced chicken and avocado. Recommended!


I reckon this is a very good deal that you can taste 3 different kind of pasta on one platter. You can choose everything by your own preference, both the pasta and sauce. The Mixed Pasta Platter – AU$ 29,90 for regular size (fit for 2 persons or 3 persons if you order another main)

For the service, they made a great service such as friendly and very handy waiters. They serve fresh pasta and prompt food service. I am going to make another visit for sure!


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2 Comments on “IL Gambero On The Park”

  1. Damn, the melted cheese and spicy condiment above the baked oyster is so drammaticcally drolling me…
    nice shot when i visit melbourn..
    btw this molusca is pretty much fu*king expensive here….

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