BBQ at Maxy’s International

Hi guys!

How’s your week going so far? I hope you all have a great one though. Mine is just fine, still on the university long holiday period and do the part time job for several days in a week. In addition, this week and the following week I’m quite busy for the moving out stuffs 🙂 Well, sometimes I feel kinda bored but on the other hand I feel so grateful that I have spacious time to cultivate my interest in blogging and food.

By the way, who’s a meat lover here? Have to admit that I definitely am.. I do love veggies and some fruits too but can’t deny that my biggest crush is meaty dishes. For a meat lover like me, an offer for a BBQ dinner most likely will be accepted. Actually it was my bf who craving for BBQ platter Hahaha. Eventually that evening we went to Maxy’s International Restaurant in Elsternwick for having BBQ platter dinner. The restaurant is spacious with oldies style decoration.


Garlic Bagel

Our first starter was Garlic Bagel and we quite happy with the generous garlic butter spread even the bagel’s side were a little bit burnt. Well yeah the bagel smelt awesome! Really evoked the appetite.. 😀


Garlic Bagel – AU$ 4,50

Oyster Natural

The second entree (yes we had 2 entrees 🙂 ) was a dozen of Oyster Natural. The fresh oysters served with lemon wedges and kind of Thousand Island dressing which was very yummy.


Oyster Natural – AU$ 23,00

Maxy’s BBQ Platter for 4

As the main, we ordered the BBQ Platter for 4 which seems pretty mouth watering when you read the description in their menu imagine all of the meat. You’ll have almost every kind of meat on this platter and it comes with bowl of Greek Salad and bowl of chips. As we saw other table’s were busy eating the big portion of meat, we couldn’t wait anymore and fortunately the service was prompt! 🙂 and plus 1 since the waiters were also very nice and handy.

Our food came in a huge size platter with a heap of meats above. I spotted Lamb loin cutlet, chicken wings, pork snitzel, chicken snitzel, beef, baby back ribs, chicken shashlik, lamb shashlik, saussages, kebab and so on… Hmmm… Can you imagine how mouthwatering they were! My first thought was “How could we finish them all..?” 😀 My favorite among all the meats was the tender baby back ribs with generous marinade sauce. But I have to say that the BBQ platter was average which means nothing very special that grab my attention.


The Greek salad and the chips which was fries were average, nothing really special to mention about them.


Maxy’s BBQ Platter for 4 – AU$ 94,00

PS : the platter contains pork and I think they really should mention it on the menu’s description since not everyone enable to eat pork. It just happened that night as one of my friend doesn’t eat pork and we just realized it after the food arrived. Yeah maybe we should ask but yeah, they obviously should mention it too on the menu. Fair enough, right?

Overall, the highlight of this dinner was on the Oyster Natural because it served very fresh and the creamy sauce was awesome!


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2 Comments on “BBQ at Maxy’s International”

  1. Cumi MzToro says:

    oyster nya mengoda ………… hmmm yummy

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