La Camera Southgate

“The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you’re hungry again” – George Miller

Well said George.. I just had an Italian dining this week but I’m craving for another pasta now! My bad..

Once you come to the of most liveable city in the world, you must not want to miss one of the must visit place in Melbourne which is Southbank. The trendy and savvy area in the heart of the city that is located on the side of Yarra River. You will be spoiled by great view and atmosphere around here. No need to worry about where to amuse your tummy as you will find tons of cafe and restaurants! What will happen is you may be getting confused of what to choose instead. Nice, huh!


I have been passing this restaurant for many times but never step my foot inside until last week. La Camera, an Italian words for “Your Room”, a spacious restaurant in level 2 of Southgate building (at Southbank area) and is right in front of the Yarra river. Surely you can have the river view while having a dining experience too. As I was so hungry and really just craved eating heavy savory meal so no entree, no dessert, just main and wine.

I went there with a food lover friend and this restaurant is her recommendation. We arrived when the restaurant maybe just ¼ full and were seated

Gnocchi Alfredo (in creamy Alfredo sauce with mushroom and bacon)

I start loving this pasta since these past two years but sometimes I find not everyone can make it well. This one was  nice, made of yummy feta and potato that came in small gnocchi balls. I reckoned the gnocchi balls were smaller size than those ones I had before. Some restaurants make it tastes too mealy which I don’t like. Size really doesn’t matter as long as the quality is good, really. The rich creamy Alfredo sauce was nice and the mushroom+bacon+spring onion toppings were generous. The only thing I don’t like about my dish was the small portion! 😀 I think it was a little bit too small for the price.


AU$ 19,50

Pollo alla Parmigiana

In a matter of size, surprisingly my friend’s Chicken Parma came in a huge size that made her happy and satisfied. Hahaha. The parma was quite nice where the bacon was chopped into pieces and already mixed in the Napoli sauce. I do love the fresh Napoli sauce they made. It was so yummy and fresh. Ahh look at the melting mozzarella cheese on top, enough to make you salivating at a glance. 🙂


AU$ 22,90

Prompt and friendly service, nice view and good price (regarding to the location, I reckon other places set higher prices). No reason not to give another shot next time.

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2 Comments on “La Camera Southgate”

  1. Irene says:

    I just stumbled across your blog recently when looking for restaurants in Melbourne- which I will be visiting hopefully very soon!! and I’m really liking all the reviews. Super helpful, will drop by frequently when I need restaurant recommendations in Melbourne!

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