Salmon Dishes for Birthday Edition

Hi there!

I have been waiting to do this for some times..

As this is a birthday edition, I finally back to the kitchen and cook something that I love. Today I cooked salmon mayo and salmon teriyaki for dinner. I only have a small cut of salmon and made it half-half as mayo – teriyaki sauce. Another highlight of today’s cooking was that I used a torch to cook my salmon. These two were what I cooked with all of the ingredients available in my fridge and I learned this from my cousin when I stayed at his house last year. I am a fan of easy and fast cooking dishes so these two are really suitable to those who are in the same line with me 🙂

Ingredients Salmon Mayo:

  1. Salmon fillet
  2. Mayonaise (I used Kewpie mayonnaise)
  3. chopped parsley
  4. salt
  5. pepper
  6. 1 lemon wedge

Ingredients Salmon Teriyaki :

  1. Salmon fillet
  2. mirin
  3. soy sauce
  4. sugar

*Mix mirin, soy sauce and sugar in a bowl then cook it with a little bit of oil until thickened, better if you add sesame oil and seeds 🙂

Methods :

  1. Mix mayonnaise, salt, pepper and lemon juice in a bowl and stir well (I put them until reach my expectation so don’t hesitate to taste the blend)
  2. Add chopped parsley and stir, leave the blend
  3. Press the salmon’s skin with tissue paper to reduce the water content so you can make the skin crispier Salmon-mayo-birthday-edition-1
  4. Heat the pan with oil and add the salmon
  5. Cook until your desirable cook level (I love to have it half-cooked)
  6. Remove the salmon from pan and put it on a refractory base
  7. Use the torch to cook and make the color prettier                                                                                              Salmon-mayo-birthday-edition-3
  8. Smear the mayonnaise bled over the salmon’s skin then use the torch to brown the top side   Salmon-mayo-birthday-edition
  9. I used all the same method for the teriyaki one and the only different thing was the sauce. I poured the teriyaki sauce after the salmon cooked to make it not too soaky as I wanted it crispy.  Salmon-mayo-birthday-edition-2













2 Comments on “Salmon Dishes for Birthday Edition”

  1. trangquynh says:

    both ways look really stunning and delicious, I’ve never seen someone using a torch to cook salmon but that sounds fun 😉

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