The Very First Birthday!

Today is my blog very first birthday! Yeayy!

I feel happy and excited about this. Call me ridiculous or what.. I remember how I was so excited yet doubtful to start writing about foods last year. As I do write about other things on my personal blog then finally I decided to really do something regarding to what I really love doing. This is worth doing and loving.

Admitting that in this first year, I am not productive enough on this food blogging thing, well I know it. I missed and let a month empty without any post when I was busy and sometimes I just posted few posts a month etc. Later I realized that doing blog is not either easy or paltry. It does really take consistency, commitment and courage. This is similar as planting, if you want to grow it well, you have to water, fertilize and take care of it carefully. Some people consider I do such an unimportant and useless thing. But who cares? I don’t write for those who don’t want to read and just being so critical.

I know my blog is not that good (yet) but I would like to say thanks to those who keep encouraging me doing this, who keep supporting me, giving comments and critiques. Thank you so much to those food bloggers around! I learned a lot, I acknowledged by your blogs and get interacted with new blogger friends. What an interesting new world to dive in!

I love what I do and I want to do it still. 🙂 I do, really looking forward for upcoming birthdays to come next years!


Love as much as I love foods,

Neysa Valeria 🙂


4 Comments on “The Very First Birthday!”

  1. W. Darma says:

    congrats to you and happy birthday to your blog
    i love your blog and i will waiting your next post for a year ahead

  2. irene says:

    Happy first blogiverssary! looking forward for more mouthwatering posts! 😀

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