Mie Djogja Pak Karso dan Ayam Penyet Surabaya

No matter what, home is home. The same as food, the place of origin is everything. As you can find the best Indonesian food only in Indonesia.

I am so happy, in the last minute of my holiday, I could revisit this small humble restaurant with my family. Located in a quite packed area, Mie Djogja Pak Karso and Ayam Penyet Surabaya has never failed me even once. I dedicate the best Mie Jawa (Javanese style noodle) and Ayam – Bebek Penyet (relish crushed above fried Chicken and Duck ) in town to them. This is one of my favorite place for a late dinner as they open the shop until 10.30 pm. Such a pleasant temptation, don’t ya think? 🙂

Mie Godhog

As our every single visit, mie godhog (Javanese style boiled noodle) is one of the must have on the list. This one is my parents’ favorite. They used thick noodle which is similar to Japanese udon noodle. The noodle served in thick savory chicken broth, generous chicken pieces, cabbage, tomato, egg plus sprinkled by celery, leeks and fried shallot. You can request the spiciness level if you want it not spicy-medium spicy-very spicy. This is a great companion during a rainy or cool night in Bandung.


IDR – 18,000 / US$ 1.80

Mie Goreng Jawa

My brother had Mie Goreng Jawa (Javanese style fried noole), which was thick noodle fried with chicken pieces, cabbage, tomato, leeks and fried shallot. This noodle was dominated by sweet-savory taste from sweet soy sauce and served on a sheet of banana leaf.


IDR – 19,000 / US$ 1.90

Tempe Penyet

The next one was Tempe Penyet (Relish crushed above fried tempeh). I reckon they coated the tempeh with seasoned flour before frying it. That’s why the tempeh is salty and savory plus the awesome super spicy relish made it yummier. Be patient, I will talk about the relish later 😛


IDR – 9,000 / US$ 0.90

Tahu Goreng

Another snack beside Tempe Penyet was Tahu Goreng (Fried tofu). Tahu goreng is a very common daily dish for Indonesian as a great companion to be eaten with steamed rice. But there is something different with the tahu goreng here, same with Tempe Penyet, they coated the tofu with the same thing before frying it. The fried tofu was crunchy, salty and interestingly hollowed. Hollowed? Yes, as when you bite it, you’ll realize that the tofu is not solid as there is a hollow inside. Interesting!


IDR – 9,000 / US$ 0.90

Paket Ayam Goreng

At that night, unfortunately the Bebek Penyet (Relish crushed above fried duck) was sold out so I ordered Ayam Penyet instead. Served on a plate layered with a sheet of banana leaf, I had one piece of fried chicken, one fried tofu, one fried tempe, rice and veggies (cabbage, chickpea and cucumber). Their relish is so spicy, made by red chili, garlic, shallot stir fried with oil. I am sure besides of all the yummy seasonings, the relish has significant role to enhance the whole taste.


IDR – 22,000 / US$ 2.20


Good service, affordable prices that are suitable even for students and delicious foods are all you can get here. I am not a luxurious or fancy restaurant minded person that I mainly prioritize food’s taste above other aspects. This place is fully recommended and I bet you won’t regret once giving a try!

The currency used is Indonesian Rupiah that can be converted generally to US$ as : US$ 1 = IDR 10.000

Rate : 8,8/10

Mie Jogja Pak Karso & Ayam Penyet Surabaya

Jalan ABC no. 103 (Banceuy)

Bandung, West Java – Indonesia


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