Hawker’s Cuisine Perth

I had a five hours transit in Perth last month before going home. In that opportunity my cousin and his wife picked me up from the airport and took me for a dinner. Well, I always love this city and finallyyyyy after almost a year I came back even it was just for 5 hours! I’m happy!

One of the failed dining destination in my Perth holiday was The Hawker’s Cuisine in Northbridge-Chinatown. At that time this restaurant closed so we ate at other restaurant nearby. Too bad. As when I finally went back to Indonesia, almost every people I met asking whether I visited Hawker’s Cuisine or not..” πŸ™‚ Happily in this arrival, they took me there to have a late dinner since actually all of us have had our dinner before. I had mine in the plane so you can imagine that I was super ready for another foodies.

We arrived around 10 pm and the restaurant was still very crowded by people. As we were half full, we only ordered 2 dishes, rice and drinks. We ordered Soft Shell Crab with salted egg, Sambal Kangkong, rice and Teh Tarik. My cousin says their soft shell crab is the best in Perth, well it got me excited. πŸ™‚ Actually I also heard most people love the marmite chicken and other marmite stuffs that I might try in my another visit next time.

Soft Shell Crab with salted egg

Crunchy, savory and super delicious. I just expected there were more generous salted eggyolk on the crab that will make it even more tastier.


Soft Shell Crab with salted egg – AU$ 30

Sambal Kangkong

Believe it or not, I never had any kangkong dishes since I live in Melbourne so it took me like 7 months to eat this! I am such a big fan of kangkong but I am just too lazy going to Asian market and looking for this yummy veggie. Eating Sambal Kangkong really made me happy and I reckoned it was nice with mild spiciness.


Sambal Kangkong – AU$

Teh Tarik

Teh tarik is Malaysian style milk tea and I do like how the way it tasted because they sweeten it very well. In this cause, they make it not too sweet which perfect my liking.


Teh Tarik – AU$ 3.50


Outside the Restaurant after we finished eating. They were going to close.

To be honest, I am sure I should make another visit next time with empty tummy and more dishes variety. Overall I enjoyed the dining experience, for the foods, viscous Chinese atmosphere and prompt yet friendly service.

It was like a super fast getaway in Perth but I am happy to spend it with people I love while enjoying lovely foods.

Rate : 8/10

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