Kwetiaw Sapi A-Gap 88 Bandung

A fast and absolutely yummy solution when you are starving at night in Bandung. This is a reliable place to eat at night as this place opens until 11 pm daily. Guaranteed, they serve foods that can make your tummy happy. Kwetiaw Sapi A-Gap 88 (A-Gap 88 Beef Kway teow) cooks the dishes in Pontianak’s style (Chinese-Pontianak. Pontianak is the capital city for West Kalimantan). They do make every dish so yummy and this is even approved and admitted by the real Pontianak people as my mom’s family are originated from there. By the history of taking our relatives and friends here, no one ever complain or disappointed eating here.

This humble restaurant located in Chinese district in my city and you will feel the atmosphere obviously once you get here. I am happy that during my short escape back home, I had the opportunity to dine and eat all of my favorite ones here.


Kway teow Bun

All of the kway teow dishes here cooked with sliced beef, beef meatball, tendon, veggies, bean sprouts, beef’s innards such as tripe, intestine and liver. If you don’t like the innards, ask the waiter to have your kway teow without them. Actually I do really love beef’s innards if only I don’t need to be mindful of my cholesterol level. :p The dish is like fried kway teow but they make it a little bit soggy. The kway teow tastes very firm yet chewy. Just nice, yeah nothing else.


Kway teow Goreng (Fried Kway teow)

The same combinations are used in this one and the difference is only the they cook it.


Bihun Siram (Rice Vermicelli with thick sauce-style)

This one is fried egg coated rice vermicelli in a round pancake like shape. The crispy fried vermicelli then poured by thick sauce with same combination fillings. Bihun siram is my most favorite dish in this place. The fun part is when you cut down the vermicelli and eat it up, you will feel the crispy yet soggy savory fried vermicelli. Just heaven!



All of them are priced IDR 22,000 – US$ 2.10 each, so it’s totally worth the price as you will be served promptly as well. I think it’s appropriate to say Kway Teow A=Gap 88 is the best one in town even you compare with any other more fancier restaurants. Recommended 🙂

Rate : 8.8/10
Kwetiaw A-Gap 88

Jalan Astana Anyar no. 11

Bandung – Indonesia


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