Eastern Restaurant – Bandung

If you are going to Bandung and looking for a modern, cozy ambience Chinese food that truly serve good foods in reasonable prices, you should go to Eastern Restaurant. This restaurant exactly has gained a good reputation in my city and can be categorized as one of the everyone’s favorite restaurant.

Before going any further I apologize for the bad quality pictures for this post. This was a sudden dinner when I didn’t bring any appropriate device to capture good pictures. All I had was an iPad combined with the dim lighting in the Restaurant, well not a very amusing combination though. šŸ˜€

It was on Sunday evening, about 1 hour before the mall closed and I had a family dinner at Eastern Restaurant Bandung. The restaurant is located inside Istana Plaza shopping mall, a family mall in a very strategic location in town. For the good foods and other qualities they have, no wonder that you will have to queue for quite a long time during week-end to get a table. Actually it always almost packed by customers during week-days as well.

Sup Burung Dara (Dove Soup)

My favorite entree ever at Eastern is the Sup Burung Dara (Dove Soup), served in a bamboo cylinder “bowl”. It was a minced dove meat and broth steamed in a bamboo bowl. This was very tasty with a strong savory broth taste. When you chew the meat, you will find a very tender meat combined with crunchy minced radish. This is so perfect to be enjoyed in Bandung’s cold rainy weather. Recommended!


IDR 22,000 / US$ 2.20

Soft Shell Crab with Salted Egg Yolk

My mom’s favorite here is the Soft Shell crab with Salted Egg Yolk and I think we always order this menu in our every visit here. I love the soft shell crab here as they make it perfectly crunchy and dampened by the generous egg yolk sauce. Just perfect to my liking! My mom is a soft shell crab lover and she always loves the soft shell crab here over the ones she has ever tried from other restaurants.


IDR 54,000 / US$ 5.40 (Small portion size)

Pocai saus 2 Telur

We need veggies to complete a Chinese food dinner right? Our choice that night was the Pocai with two kinds of egg sauce (egg and salted egg). In the past they made it with century egg as well but as the health issue about arose, they stopped using it. Too bad that I love century egg so much. šŸ˜€ They cooked the pocai in thick sauce style, cracked the egg and added chuks of fried salted egg.


IDR 40,000 / US$ 4.00 (Small portion size)

Fried Chicken with Singapore Sauce

We also ordered one of their new chicken menu which is Fried Chicken with Singapore Sauce. It was a perfectly crunchy-savory fried chicken with a sour and spicy chili sauce.


IDR 48,000 / US$ 4.80


Besides the a la carte Chinese Food, you can also have Suki, All You Can Eat and Dim Sum here. I never ordered any beverages other than the Chinese tea. They have Ti Guan Yin, Oolong, Chrysant and Jasmine tea that you can choose.

Notes :

  • The pricing might not accurate (my bad) but I set all of them to the maximum so the real prices are more likely to be exact or below what I mentioned here
  • All of the menus (except the Dove Soup) we ordered were the small size portion which fits for 2-3 persons


Eastern Restaurant – Istana Plaza

Jl. Pasirkaliki 121 – 123

Bandung – Indonesia


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