CJ Lunch Bar

Last week I didn’t post anything on my blog and that definitely broke my minimum 2 posts per week rules. I am having quite a lot uni stuffs these days and my time mostly occupied by this and that. But the good news is I am still on Easter break! Well unlike in Indonesia, we have longer break for about 10 days off in here. So I can’t resist and have no more excuse not to write a blog post.

I just had a Korean lunch after doing group assignment for a presentation next week. 😀 I went with my three girls friends and one of them guided us to one of her favorite Korean eatery in the city which is CJ Lunch Bar. I have passed this restaurant for several time before and read the reviews on Urbanspoon but never had a visit until today.

The small restaurant located in Little Lonsdale street was so full when we arrived. We hardly found a space even to stand inside the restaurant therefore we waited outside. Luckily we could get a table pretty fast and decided to order 3 dishes (at first we wanted 4 but not sure if we could manage the jumbo portion CJ Lunch Bar has).


This picture taken after we finish at around 3.30 pm so not many people packed the restaurant anymore

Chicken Bulgogi with Cheese

The chicken Bulgogi is one of the popular menu at CJ Lunch Bar. You can tell since it’s so obvious. Almost every table got at least one serving of this and well it was so yummy! It came on a hotplate as a heap of chicken topped with another thick shredded cheese layer. The bulgogi marinade is different with any bulgogi that I have ever had and I fall for this one. Mild-spicy sizzling red bulgogi sauce in a perfect sweetness and savory flavors and not to forget it all combined with generous melted cheese. Cheese never fails and it enhances the taste in awesome way.


Chicken Bulgogi – AU$ 12

Jap Chae

I didn’t find this on the menu but we can just order it directly. This is my friend’s favorite and she really recommends this to us. Jap Chae is Korean chewy crystal noodle that usually cooked with beef and vegetables. The Jap Chae in CJ Lunch Bar was very good as well even at first I reckoned it was a little bit too sweet to my liking.


Jap Chae – AU$ 12

Kimchi Jjiggae

The spicy kimchi soup came with rice and still boiling when landed on our table, very appetizing! The soup had enoki mushroom, sliced beef, bell pepper, spring onion, tofu and of course kimchi. The soup base was dominantly sour and sweet which was very refreshing but I expected it would be saltier too.


Kimchi Jjiggae – AU$ 12

And these were our starter and dessert in one frame that came altogether in the first round!


I love my dining experience at CJ Lunch Bar as they have prompt and friendly service and of coursetasty foods with very affordable prices. Worth to try! I would like to make another visit next time to try their other dishes. They have bento selections for AU$  8.90 in a jumbo portion and other Korean snacks like various tteopokki combination that should be on my next list. 🙂


CJ Lunch Bar on Urbanspoon


2 Comments on “CJ Lunch Bar”

  1. Minh Thuy says:

    That chicken bulgolgi with cheese looks mouthwatering. Looks like I know where I’ll be eating next when I’m in the city.

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