Homemade Cooking Feast

What is better than homemade foods? I am a homemade foods lover and even those aren’t my traditional homemade foods, still it evokes the happiness and comfort as if I ate my comfort foods. And I am a true believer that it’s not about the place or the food but the company that matters. Fortunately I had all of them in one package last Saturday, yummy homemade foods with great companies.:)

Actually I had a group study work on Saturday afternoon since me and my group were trying to finish our assignment as much as we can during the Easter break. Besides the assignment work, we had a plan to cook and have lunch together. But in the end I stayed all day long in my friend’s apartment unit, had a great lunch-dinner with her flatmates and other friends who also joined us.

I will reveal all of their fabulous homemade cooking that successfully have WOW-ed me and definitely amused my tummy! Seriously, how lucky my friend is for having those cooking master flatmates and my friend herself is a great cook too. πŸ™‚ Fascinating, that so many foods from different Asian countries resemble one to another. As yesterday we had Vietnamnese and Laos foods but all of them tasted so familiar as they resemble to Chinese and Indonesian food as well.


Let’s start with the sticky rice, special kind of rice that has sticky texture that interestingly cooked in a special traditional container. It took more than 1 hour to get the rice ready but it worthed the wait. I always love sticky rice as this resembles with Chinese sticky rice that I used to have back home. The sticky rice has slightly salty flavor and goes well with any other dishes we had on the table.



The second dish was the chili and lemongrass chicken that was very lovely. It was fried chicken fried with garlic, lemongrass and chili. The next one was the unique fish paste that tasted awesome. They made this using fermented fish, chopped finely and then mixed with chili, garlic and other seasonings. The fish paste tasted spicy and salty which really perfect to my liking. This is perfectly fit to be eaten with the sticky rice.


We also had this capsicum basa fish that hidden under the capsicums layer very well as at first I thought this was a stir-fried capsicum. πŸ˜€ The basa fish was seasoned with ginger and then fried before mixed up with the capsicum. Homemade-Cooking-Feast-7

This pork meatball was so delicious, that was made from minced pork, mushroom and spring onion then fried and smeared with a special sauce.Homemade-Cooking-Feast-6 The next dish was the bitter melon soup. What so special with the bitter melon is because it was filled by generous filing of minced pork and mushroom. I really like the filling inside but as I can’t manage bitter very well, I just ate a little bit of the bitter melon and only took the filling. So yummy! It took quite a long time as well to cook this one πŸ˜€



This flat rice noodle is very similar to kway teow but this one is in wider sheet. We ate this with fried shallot and special sauce which was fish sauce, minced garlic, lemon juice and sugar. I really like this one too especially the lemon juice make it tastes so fresh.

Homemade-Cooking-Feast Everything was seriously so yummy and I can’t wait to have another dinner with them. It’s so interesting to know and eat new kind of foods from other countries. Thank you Linh, Jenn, Freddy, Vee and Intan for the great Saturday! I’m looking forward our next homemade dinner feast! πŸ™‚


2 Comments on “Homemade Cooking Feast”

  1. Jeff Lowman says:

    Thank you so much for the recipe and great photos! The presentation is tremendous and it looks delicious. We are gathering information for an article on family cooking and sharing. In this we are covering all types of foods and this was a great one to find. Thanks again and keep it up! You have a new follower and friend in the community.

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