Grilled Crispy Salmon with Garlic

Hi, I am typing this post in a late night on no-longer-Sunday going to Monday. 🙂 Alright, so I had salmon for my Sunday dinner which was so yummy and I enjoyed it with steamed rice. I can’t live without rice, so Asian right? Quick salmon recipe for dinner after a hectic yet stressful week for me was kind of a self treat. Hahaha. The grilled garlic salmon for dinner has made my day, hope it will have the same effect to cheer to cheer your mood up!

Before started cooking, dry the salmon skin using the same method in my previous salmon recipe here.

Ingredients :

  1. 200 gram Tasmanian salmon fillet (for 1 – 2 serving)
  2. 1,5 tbs olive oil
  3. salt and cracked black pepper
  4. 2 cloves of garlic, mince
  5. 2 stalks of scallion, mince
  6. Spinach

Step by Step :

  1. Mixed olive oil, salt, black pepper, garlic and spring onion in a bowl, stir well
  2. Marinade salmon with no. 1
  3. Turn on and heat the oven for 10 minutes at 170 degree Celcius while waiting the salmon marinated
  4. Wrap salmon with alumunium foil and grill for 30-35 minutes (it depends on personal preference, I don’t like salmon to be cooked well done so it was around 30 minutes)
  5. Arrange spinach leaf on the plate
  6. Put salmon above the spinach leaves and pour the juice from the grilling process over

In this picture, I cut half the salmon into 2 pieces that’s why it looks small for 200 gr weight

Preparation time : 15 minutes, Cooking time : 35 minutes, Total time : 55 minutes

Well it seems too late to say happy week end, maybe saying have a great week ahead would be better.


4 Comments on “Grilled Crispy Salmon with Garlic”

  1. tian says:

    looks very nice

  2. It looks delicious and healthy.

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