Mushroom and Steak

Yeayy this is a public holiday here in OZ and as today is Thursday, I know many people take a leave on Friday for having a long weekend. After cancelling my lunch appointment with a friend because we didn’t feel like going out, I decided to do a grocery shopping. Yes I want to cook something delicious and as I just watched one of Jamie Oliver’s cooking video the previous day, I felt so tempted to give the mushroom and steak recipe a try. So here I am with yummy Mushroom and Steak for my late lunch!

Before talking much about the steak, I want to tell you what public holiday is in Australia this Thursday. Alright, so today is Anzac Day, commemorated as the anniversary of the landing on Galipoli in 1915. This is the day to remember all Australians who fought and died in all wars, conflicts and peace keeping operations (you can find more info about Anzac day click here). So there are ceremonies and marches in towns and cities nationwide to remember and respect the veterans. I reckon April 25th is one of the most important national event for Australians.

Public holiday or not actually is no difference for me as I don’t have class or work on Thursday either. What so special today is I had a morning shift working and got a chance to experience the Anzac day celebration. Oh, FYI I work in a Retirement Village kitchen in the last 7 months. Some of the residents were soldiers or even nurses during wars and this morning I watched them did a march with badges and medals put on their suits. I was overwhelmed seeing them so gallant, proud and well, oh so cool for their ages which are averagely over 90. So happy to see them with smiles on their face!

In order to celebrate the march-y and glorious feeling, steak and mushroom sounds incredibly mouthwatering for me. I went to the market and bought Porterhouse beef, some flat large mushrooms and portobellos as well. I got all of the fresh herbs from my workplace as the chefs grow all herbs themselves so we can always get fresh herbs for cooking ingredients. So happy!


Ingredients :

  1. 250 gr Porterhouse beef (for 1 portion, double the amount for more portions)
  2. 3 flat large mushrooms
  3. 5-6 portobello mushrooms
  4. salt
  5. cracked corn pepper
  6. 2 lemon wedges
  7. 2 cloves of garlic, finely mince 1 clove
  8. fresh rosemary
  9. fresh thyme
  10. Butter
  11. Olive oil

Step by Step the Saute Mushroom :

  1. Season beef with salt and pepper, leave
  2. Thinly cut mushrooms but leave some portobellos in their shape
  3. Heat the pan, add olive oil
  4. Add mushrooms and garlic together, season with salt, pepper, and squeeze  a little amount of lemon juice then mix together
  5. When the mushroom cooked, add a knob of butter then mix well
  6. Add fresh thyme and mix well
  7. Set the mushroom on a plate

Step by Step the Steak :

  1. Medium-heat the seared pan
  2. Add olive oil then put the beef
  3. Rub each side of the beef with rosemary and garlic
  4. Cook the beef until your desirable done-ness (I love medium done beef)
  5. Now we are going to make a seasoning board. In a clean cutting board, splash olive oil, lemon juice, bit of pepper and chopped rosemary over the board
  6. Slice the beef about 0.5 cm and smear every pieces with the seasoning on the board
  7. Arrange the sliced beef nicely upon the saute mushroom and serve!


Note : Don’t be too generous in squeezing the lemon otherwise you’ll ruin it with sourness! The dish smells so good as I love herbs so much especially rosemary has a really nice tasteful aroma. I always have a tricky experience in cooking medium done steak but the result today made me so happy. I followed Mr. Oliver’s instruction to pat the meat to check its done-ness and when it feels like chewy when you pat on it, it supposed to be medium done. In my experience today, I made sure to cook the beef outer side until it caramelized and burnt beautifully. It turned out so tender and delicious. Thank you for the recipe Mr. Oliver! I love you 🙂

I didn’t completely follow his recipe but yes I do almost all of his instructions.

Preparing and Cooking time in total : 45 minutes


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