Mlesna Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine green tea from Mlesna, it does sound inviting for me based on my personal liking towards Jasmine scent. My first reunion with Ci Celi after more than 3 years never met each other because she has moved to Melbourne was in August 2012. On our first “long time no see” meeting, she gave me a box of Jasmine Green Tea, that’s by her slightly knowing my fondness for tea. She is so sweet, isn’t she? 🙂 Honestly I keep forgetting to make a review for this tea, even I have had cups and cups and cups since after I got it from Celi.

The tea nicely packed in a wooden sliding box and kept in a foil packaging inside the box. Quite unique, interesting and inviting packaging. Even though at first I was not sure whether it’s western or eastern tea product. The top side of the box gives me western-like feeling but on the other sides there are “Japanese people who are drinking tea” drawings. Hahaha. Well it doesn’t matter anyway.

This tea is originally Ceylon tea which is packed in Colombo so practically this is Sri Lankan’s product but we can find this brand at Tea Leaves in Sassafras Mount Dandenong. I know this when I went to this tea shop wit Ci Celi later. I also wrote a blog post about my visit to Tea Leaves in November. Check it out! 🙂

The dry tea is crinkle and twisted green tea with lightly dark green color. I always fall over and over again with the hint of Jasmine fragrant aroma from this tea every time I have a sip of this tea. It’s just so soft and has an awesome calming effect. I love to drink this at night in order to relax my body and mind before bed.

Usually I brew 1 tsp tea with 250 ml water for 3-4 minutes and sometimes I do re-steeping it. Two times steeping is still acceptable but more than that, clearly the taste is weakened. They provide the brewing information on the bottom side of the box too so no one should have done it wrong.

The after taste of this tea is a quite strong astringency, dry and puckering mouth-feel that remains in your mouth. I found a difficulty to describe this “astringency” after taste feeling until I got the explanation here. I reckon that the after taste might not fit to everyone’s taste bud but as long as you don’t overdose the brewing measurement, it should be acceptable. Thanks to Ci Celi for introducing me to this brand and even took me to the tea shop! If you go to Tea Leaves, you may find range of selection from this Sri Lankan’s tea brand.



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