Melbourne International Cofee Expo 2013 – MICE

Melbourne International Coffee Expo was held on 23rd- 26th of June in Melbourne Showgrounds, Flemington. It’s about 30 minutes from CBD by tram 57 that will bring you right in front of the venue. It was my first time stepping Melbourne Showgrounds as well as my first time attending a coffee event. MICE 2013 is the second one after the first MICE was in 2012. I went to MICE 2013 with my coffee geek bf for the rest of last week-end, (practically 4 days from Thursday to Sunday).

MICE is an absolute big event, indeed. People from all around the globe were talking and actually attending this event. The first 2 days were specialized for trader or coffee business people while the other 2 days opened for public. I enjoyed every single visit even though the first 2 days were slightly better as not too many people there so it was easier for talking, tasting and taking pictures 🙂 As the coffee geek bf is running coffee business back home so we came down since Thursday. During the expo, I was highly attracted by many fascinating well-designed stalls, in opposite he enjoyed his coffee and tools hunting.

There were so many people attending MICE 2013, and this is a proof that coffee is really a big thing everywhere. More people know and understand coffee better than ever! The popularity spreads and grows not only in coffee drinkers nation that mostly has reached its maturity cycle but it is really everywhere including Indonesia.

Last week-end was also the peak period of my coffee history! 🙂 Seriously, since I don’t really drink coffee, or let’s make it I really don’t drink coffee normally. So, having cup by cups of espresso all day was a real challenge for me. As a poor amateur coffee drinker, I had those after-coffee symptoms such as fasten heart beat, headache and stomachache. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the experience of coffee tasting! No regret though.

I am excited as much as the coffee geek bf, that’s because I am sure there will be tea stalls as well, which was true. People start talking and murmuring that tea will be the next big thing and I was pretty sure those specialty tea business owners would not pass this event. MICE is such a great opportunity for everyone in the business. Unlike my other posts, this MICE 2013 post will show you more pictures than letters. Enjoy the post!


Picture is not mine


The giant Rainbow stall of Aussie’s famous coffee giants, St. Ali and Sensory Lab


Toby’s Estate stall


Supreme Coffee stall is one of my favorite! Very warm, pretty and unique. Me love!

The full-color and attention-grabbing stall

The full-color and attention-grabbing coffee stall. Interesting that they really provided balls for people to play.

One of the busiest stall during the expo for the whole 4 days, Proudmary!

One of the busiest stall during the expo for the whole 4 days, Proudmary!

Cupping Session at Proudmary

Cupping Session at Proudmary

Griffiths organic coffee spacious stall

Griffiths organic coffee spacious stall


Cupacoffeecup stall from New Zealand

CUPACOFFEECUP stall from New Zealand, they can make customized reusable coffee cup for your cafe!

The calming and serene Vaziano stall

The calming and serene Veneziano stall


Prana Chai’s owner was explaining his product to the coffee geek bf!


Chai with 11 spices from Prana Chai was so delicious. Yes, we had cups of the yummy chai latte!


Serenitea, one of my fave tea from Victoria also participating the event! Simply elegant with black domination stall and don’t forget the nice goodies!


Hario, The Japanese coffee-teawares company was located altogether with St. Ali and Sensory Lab Rainbow big stall. I’m captivated by its tea brewing tools!


Grenade Stall from Tea Cartell and Cartell Coffee Roaster. Wide-ranged of tea varieties where their stall presentation made it possible for people to actually see, touch and smell different types of tea. I love this stall with the friendly and kind-hearted owner 🙂


Grenade from Tea Cartell with their tea products, Zealong


Tea Drops stall


Somage Fine Foods stall, my favorite one! Neat, everything seems to be well-designed and most importantly, amazing products.


World Barista Championship 2013 – Final Round was Full House!

If you love coffee/tea/foods/beverages/new experience, I highly recommend you to attend the next MICE event. Not to count what my bf got from this event and not to count all the bites and tasty cups offered too, 🙂 I myself as a layman in terms of coffee could say I got many new things to learn both in coffee and tea. The opportunity to meet the coffee and tea experts, have a direct chat with them, watch the World Barista Championship and World Brewer Championship were also the highlights to point out.

All the spirit, passion and excitement towards the food and beverage industry (especially coffee and let’s mention tea) were fascinating and priceless! Well done MICE 2013!


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