Sunshine Awards, a Yeayy!

It is, really a Yeayy! After two weeks hibernation from the blogging world because of the final examinations at uni, finally this afternoon I could manage to be back. I am so surprise when I checked my glipho andddd there it is, sunshine award blog from teddy! This is my first blog award ever and I’m so happy for this.  Ted, you’ve made my day! I feel rewarded after all the stressful exam weeks :p

Here are the rules of the award:

1. Post the Sunshine Award logo.
2. Nominate ten of your favourite blogs, the ones you can’t wait to read.
Announce the news on their blog and insert a link back to the Nominator’s Blog.
3. Then answer the 4 questions below in order to get to know each other.

1. My favourite weather – I love spring the most as the weather is warm and flowers blooms prettily everywhere. I love to take a walk just to enjoy the beautiful warm weather and views. Even so, I still prefer the weather in my country, Indonesia. We only have 2 seasons, rain and dry where the temperature between those two are nearly the same. I can wear any kind of clothes for the whole year haha.

2. My favourite Social Network – I am not sure if glipho is considered as a social network but I just love this blogging platform! Other choice, it might be Instagram and you know what? the first time I met glipho team also through Instagram 🙂

3. My favourite number – 8. It’s not only because my birthday is on 8th but it’s an even number. I like even numbers.

4. What I have achieved – Maintain my blogging activity for more than 1 year now. I know this sounds so simple but blogging really takes consistency and perseverance, right? I am glad to see where I am now.

10 blog nominees :

teddy – Don’t take it wrong. It’s not because you nominated me, but I do enjoy reading your posts, haha!


Roger Planes




Laura Locket



Rachel Monte

You guys are my favorites over so many great gliphoers. Hope you all have a great week end! ❤


*For all of you who are not in glipho or haven’t heard about it, I will introduce you to this cool blogging platform. Glipho is a new way of blogging, easy and friendly to use where you can meet many bloggers across the globe with diverse specialty topics. Let’s join us on Glipho, guys!


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