Kokoro Ramen

What’s better than rolling under your blanket in cold winter night? Yea, having a huge bowl of hot ramen is the answer! This Japanese noodle soup is one of my “all the time craving list”, I want ramen anytime even in 36 degrees summer day. (Don’t  judge me! Haha!) Well, I know it’s bizzare craving for ramen during hot summer but since we are celebrating winter here in OZ, it would be a perfect comforting dinner! This time I re-visit Kokoro Ramen in Lonsdale street, in the Melbourne CBD. Kokoro is my 2nd top rank for yummy ramen in affordable price!

This ramen shop is not too big but the furnitures arrangement makes it looking spacious. The only thing I’m not very keen about this place is the reddish dim lighting that makes everything looks a bit in a reddish shade. Aishhh I don’t like it (It gave me a hard time to take the picture too though! Haha).

Pork Gyoza (6pcs half serve of gyoza)                                                                                                                                                                        You can request to have it fried or steamed. I had it steamed in order to have a slightly healthier life style. Kidding. The gyoza was just so-so, I think the gyoza wrap was a little bit too thick. But anyway, this is such a good deal in terms of the price. Kokoro-Ramen-2 AU$ – 5.00 (steamed), 5.50 (fried)

AU$ – 8.00 (steamed), 8.50 (fried) for 12 pcs gyoza

Tokyo Ramen Super Cheap Basic                                                                                                                                                                                  As you can read, this is such a totally basic ramen served with chasu, naruto and spring onion. The noodle’s chewiness was so lovely. The soup base was tasty and but a little bit too bland. It would be perfect to have it a little bit saltier. The sliced charsu came in pretty thick slices but was very tender.


All of their bowls have different fun-to-read “ramen quote”

AU$ 7.80 (See, it fits the name too! Super cheap basic is cheap)

Super Spicy Bakudan Ramen                                                                                                                                                                                       This is a special ramen that is not listed on the menu book. I saw this on the internet on my way to Kokoro when I was still in the tram. I think it is probably like a special menu of the month. I was in the mood of eating super spicy food and the Japanese waitress assured me this is the most spicy ramen they ever had so it will satisfy my need perfectly!

Finally my huge ramen bowl came. My ramen noodle was thinner than my bf’s but I like the thick one best. Actually the spiciness came from their special homemade chilli ball paste (Tan Tan) that you have to mix and dilute the ball with the soup first. The soup base was Tonkatsu Miso flavour and the Tan Tan chili paste made from Tan Tan oil mixed with veggies ingredients. Well, it was spicy but still acceptable for me. I even expected it would be more spicy than that. I was considering to ask for togarashi (Japanese chili powder) but decided not to hurt my tummy at night. Hahaha. Ramen was good, topping also nice especially the ajitama egg (Japanese half boiled egg, usually added for ramen topping) was so lovely! A perfect winter companion 🙂


The floating ball is Tan Tan!

AU$ – 14.50

Daifuku                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Daifuku is Japanese dessert  which is a flavoured mochi rice cake with filling. We had tiramisu and green tea daifuku and got 2 cups of sencha as compliments. Among those two, I prefer the tiramisu one as it was creamier, smooth and lightly sweet. The green tea mochi was a little bit hard (kinda hard to be cut) and too chewy. Daifuku ended up our lovely dinner with sweetness overload, in a good way though!


AU$ – 3.00 each

At Kokoro, you order and pay first at the till and the waiter/tress will deliver your order. Actually this is a self-service kind of ramen shop where you have to take your own cutlery, drinks and side dishes (such as kimchi). But another good thing about Kokoro is they open until 10.30 pm as many restaurants in CBD closed at that hour so this can be an option for late night craving.

7.9/ 10

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