Good Food and Wine Show 2013

This post is about my visit to Good Food and Wine Show 2013 or GFWS on 7-10 June. I barely realize that it’s already the last week of June and I haven’t got the chance to post about GFWS. It will be too long if I post about GFWS in July, won’t it? Well, I went to the first day of the show and too bad could not make a visit on the other 3 days.

As other food expo, one of the most anticipated thing is the food testers that were provided all day long at almost every stall! Goodies, tiny bits, food samples were overloaded during the show. I have to say, I went home with a happy full tummy that day! Apart from the freebies, all the exhibitors offered discounted price for all of the products too. No wonder many people came with or even bought a shopping cart! (Yes, they sell shopping cart there!) I had a chat with one of the visitor and he even told me GFWS is a good chance to buy foods in bulk then store and use it for the whole year until the next GFWS coming. Wow!

This event is held in 4 different states Australia-wide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. The Melbourne one was held at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Southbank. Similar to my MICE post, this is going to be more into pictures than words but I have less pictures this time. Hopefully you still can enjoy it.


As a dairy products aficionados, The Collective-great dairy was one of my favorite! They have haloumi (Greek’s cheese made from goat milk) and many kind of yoghurts. I bought the passionfruit and the berry ones. They are so delish!


They served the yoghurt in small cups and visitors could taste all of the flavors.


Who doesn’t love Cha Time? This one was even free! Visitors could buy Cha Time in a cheap price, only AU$ 3 per regular cup and taste all of the mini cha time new flavors.


So sweet, pretty and colorful, yet the beer is also sweet too! Nice but kinda too sweet for me.


Yalumbra was one of the most-eye catching stall. Nicely decorated stall, friendly staffs and good stuffs oferred.


Watching the hilarious Australia’s first master chef Julie Goodwin was really fun and entertaining! Love her!


The two lovely sales lady gave me a pose! They have many varieties but I could not manage to try each of them.


Lovely stall of Spirits of France! All of the three staffs (2 French and 1 Aussie) were so kind. We had cups of different French liquors but as its sweet characteristic, it’s just overly too sweet to have it without anything to make it balance.


Some of the exhibitors held a cooking event. Participants had to pay a certain amount of money to join the cooking class and then enjoy the foods together.





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