Sencha Nara from Lupicia Fresh Tea

Couple of weeks ago, I went to Lupicia store in Artemis Ln street in the city. This is a Japan based company that has expanded its business to USA, Taiwan and Australia. I had a chat with the knowledgeable store keeper, he patiently answered all of my questions along with pleasant suggestions which I highly appreciate.

In the end, I ended up buying the Japanese green tea 10 tasting selections and this Sencha Nara is the first one I sipped in. According to the description from Lupicia, this sencha is from Tsukigase where Nara prefecture is a finer leaf tea than the Uji Sencha tea. This sencha grown in the highlands and has relaxing and also uplifting effect.

The leaf is deep green, thin and long. I brew the tea with 85 degrees C water using Hario chaor for about 2 minutes. The liquor was a pretty honeydew green and I really like this kind of green gradient. The sencha tastes vegetal–grassy but is considered light and also very clean. It gives a refreshing mouth feeling afterwards.

In my case, the limitation of sencha experience has not allowed me to do any broader comparison with other varieties of sencha. But for my personal liking, I am pleased with this Sencha Nara. 🙂

Sencha-Nara-LupiciaAU$ 10.00 for 50 grams or AU$ 18.00 for 100 grams

QV Shopping Complex
14-16 Artemis Lane
Melbourne VICTORIA 3000


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